27th death anniversary of Moirangthem Ibotombi observed

Monthly pension of six months were handed over to 2,223 senior citizens, widows, and differently abled persons at the ceremony.

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Updated on 8 Dec 2021, 7:25 pm

(PHOTO: Twitter)

(PHOTO: Twitter)


Moirangthem Ibotombi Memorial Charitable Trust (MIMCT) on Wednesday organised the 27th death anniversary of Moirangthem Ibotombi, with the theme ‘Live and Let Live’ at the polo-ground of Heirok Part II.

At the ceremony, political leaders from different political parties paid homage to the late former minister, and monthly pension of six months were handed over to 2,223 senior citizens, widows, and differently abled persons, a release stated.

Speaking on the occasion, chief guest of the ceremony, leader of CLP and former CM O Ibobi lamented that the justice for the murder of Moirangthem Ibotombi still remains a mystery. Stating that Ibotombi was an avid advocate of peace, Ibobi asserted that only the people have the power to realise Ibotombi’s dream for peace, it mentioned.

Recalling the death of Moirangthem Ibotombi on December 7 of 1994, son of late Ibotombi and president of MIMCT Moirangthem Okendro said the charitable trust which was founded by the late former CM Rishang Keishing, had provided 326 cultivation land to beneficiaries, during the global pandemic. The ceremony had been organised with the help of the supporters as a challenge to the interferences from the opposition forces, he also added.

After a short glimpse of development, the Heirok assembly constituency has become a regressing lawless land with the people in power misusing their powers to undermine and abuse other people in regards with the difference in political affiliations, he lamented.

Declaring that violence is a tool for the helpless, member of AICC Gaikhangam alleged that when the political leaders of Heirok ran out of options, they resorted to violence, it stated.

Stating that the nonviolence ideology of Mahatma Gandhi’s Indian National Congress  have been replaced by BJP’s “riot” system, president of MPCC N Loken mentioned the deaths in Gujarat Riot, deaths of farmers in the protest of Farm Bill and the alleged shooting of civilians by Assam Rifle uniforms in Nagaland, it added. 

First published:8 Dec 2021, 7:25 pm


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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