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Reformist Students’ Front opposes admission process, home coaching in Imphal

The Manipur government on June 22 had passed instructions to all the schools to stall the admission process for higher secondary level.

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Updated 30 Jun 2020, 10:09 am

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The Reformist Students’ Front (RSF) has expressed its opposition to the admission process of some schools up to higher secondary standard in the Imphal area.

The state government on June 22 had passed instructions to all the schools in Manipur to stall the admission process for higher secondary level, said a release.

The government in their order had also asked the schools to keep vacancies for students coming from other boards, it said.

The RSF described the attempt to complete the admission process by some schools in Imphal area by a lottery method as selfish, it further said while adding the process is against what was ordered by the govt, it said.


It also said that all students should be viewed equally and all admission processes should be stopped immediately till an agreement with the RSF is arrived at, it added.

It further mentioned that the RSF, through the media on June 23 had appealed to all the schools to follow the government instructions.

It is unfortunate that some schools have disregarded the appeal and decided to go as per their own whims, it said.

It added that the responsibility for any outcome of the schools going against the RSF will be of the school authorities.


It further said that the RSF has learnt about some teachers of certain institutes running coaching classes at their homes breaking the norms of the COVID-19 pandemic SoP. Terming it as unfortunate, it also asked for all such activities to be stopped forthwith while expressing surprise at the parents who are allowing this to happen.

The press release further says that all such teachers and the schools should contact and discuss the matter with the RSF at the earliest.

While they do not wish to control the educational institutes, the business minded schools should know that admission by lottery, on mark basis and monetary grant system will be strictly opposed by the RSF, It added.


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IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur


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