Manipur board 12th examination 2024 kicks off amid turmoil

Altogether 31,351 students are appearing the exams in 111 different examination centres spread across various parts of the state.

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Updated 22 Feb 2024, 3:42 am


The Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate (HSSLC) examination, 2024, conducted by Council of Higher Secondary Education, Manipur (COHSEM) kicked off successfully on Wednesday amidst the unnerving veil of the ongoing conflict in the state. 

Altogether 31,351 students, including 8100 in the Arts, 22,631 in Science and 620 in Commerce are appearing the exams in 111 different examination centres spread across various parts of the state. Out of the 111 centres, 36 are in the hill districts while 75 in the valley districts. 

A total of 15,947 male candidates and 15,404 female candidates are appearing for the HSSLC, 2024 examination. 

Recent spike in violence in many parts of the state had put the students and parents on edge, however, the first day of the examination was conducted successfully amid tight security with no reports of untoward incidents. 

Parents and guardians were seen waiting for their wards outside the exam centres due to the unpredictable swerve of the ongoing tension. 

To ensure smooth conduct of the examination, COHSEM had constituted a 70 flying squad. This year's HSSLC examination will end on 23 March 2024. 


Speaking to media on the sidelines, a parent waiting for her ward outside TG Higher Secondary School, Imphal, stated that she was waiting for her daughter to complete the examination due to the unpredictable nature of the ongoing conflict. 

"I'm sure all the parents are on edge thinking about their children's future. But we understand the present situation and as such, we will fight to protect the state's integrity and also provide our children a better future," she said. 

She highlighted that the conflict had seriously impeded the academic sector in Manipur which could lead to detrimental outcomes for the state. 

"The loss of one generation will present a bleak future for the state and as such, we must also focus on keeping the academic front stable even during the conflict," she said. 

This year's examination also had several displaced students appearing. With unstable economic grounds and no permanent residents, parents of such also put forth several concerns regarding the future of their children and the present unrest. 

Speaking to media, Soraisham Premila, a displaced parent originally from Saikul expressed deep concern about her son's academic stability and future. 

Premila along with her husband and daughter are staying at the prefabricated houses in Sajiwa, Imphal East. Her son studies at Competitive Success Academy, Imphal and is appearing in the HSSLC, 2024 examination at the Regional College, Chajing centre. 


She highlighted that her son was staying at the school hostel and appearing for the exam. 

"The school relaxed the admission fees but we still have to pay the hostel fees. At present even that is a challenge as we have not secured a firm livelihood means," she said. 

She urged authorities to rein in the conflict swiftly and restore peace in Manipur. 

"We have nowhere to call home. I'm worried that my kids would not be able to move past the trauma of the conflict which may affect their future" she said. 

As per report, for students appearing the exams from conflict zones COHSEM had moved their exam centres to nearby safer locations. 



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IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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