Drug menace seen as big hurdle to good education in Manipur

"The issue of drug menace among youths is one of the biggest threats in providing smooth and good education".

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Updated 14 Mar 2023, 12:11 pm

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Drug menace among young people was pointed as one of the biggest threats in providing smooth and good education to the students community in Manipur at an event in Imphal on Tuesday.

"The issue of drug menace among youths is one of the biggest threats in providing smooth and good education. As such, students’ community should stay away from abusive substances," Socialist Students’ Union of Manipur (SSUM) president S Yaima said, while speaking at the 8th foundation day of SSUM at Lalambung High School in Imphal.

The SSUM president also pointed out that poverty has become a great challenge in states like Manipur where the poor are living in backwardness in all aspects. The solution to poverty is creating an egalitarian society by ways of becoming self-sustainable, he said.

In order to become self-sustainable, good education is the main key; he said, urging the students’ community to give full focus on education, never hesitate is clearing their doubts in any subjects by consulting their respective teachers and to get used to reference books.


Headmistress of Lalambung High School L Jamuna also spoke on the occasion and pointed out the need for change among guardians in their perception towards government schools, saying that government school teachers are not less than the private school teachers in talents.

In fact, government schools provide more facilities than private schools by providing free textbooks, uniforms, ration and does not even charge the admission fees, she said.

Meanwhile, the SSUM president said the union will provide the needed notebooks, pens and pencils to every student of Lalambung High School for the present academic session.

Concerning the lack of importance given by the guardians of government school in the students’ attendance, Jamuna said it is indeed unfortunate that the guardians are given less regards to the students’ attendance in government school while the teachers are ready to give their best lecture.


Seeking the guardians' support in making their wards punctual in their attendance, the headmistress apprised the students’ community of government schools to give their best in order to achieve their dreams.

Also lauding the efforts of the various students’ bodies of Manipur who are concerned for the welfare of the students, she said their active participation in upliftment of the education sector will ultimately lead to a better future of the state.

In connection with the foundation day celebration, a blood donation camp was also organised at JNIMS under the theme, “Emagi Kathoklaba ee.”


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IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur


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