Manipur Health Department incurs Rs 105 crore on tackling COVID-19 pandemic

The Manipur Government on Friday released white paper on COVID-19 pandemic second wave in the state.

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Updated on 18 Dec 2021, 2:53 pm

(File Photo: IFP)

(File Photo: IFP)

The state government on Friday brought out a White Paper on tackling the second wave of COVID-19 released by Chief Minister Biren Singh wherein the state Health Department incurred about Rs 105 on fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

An amount of Rs 6.91 crore was utilized by the Health department under the State Disaster Respond Fund (SRDF) to meet the COVID-19-related expenses in Manipur as per the executive summary of the state government to tackle the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic.

Moreover, the state health department has also incurred an expenditure amounting to Rs. 68.98 crore from the state budget and Rs. 23.85 crore from the Emergency Covid Responds Package (ECRP) of the National Health Mission funding.

In addition, the CM COVID Relief Fund was utilised for expenditure amounting to Rs 5.96 crore, the DIPR stated, adding that the pending liabilities amounting to about Rs 166 crore will be cleared with additional allocation from the state budget.

Mentioning that the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic was severe throughout the country with very rapid spread of infection and very large number of persons affected, the White Paper stated that 28,188 positive cases were reported in the state during the first wave and 97,381 positive cases in the second wave as per the report till December 15.

Recognising that oxygen supply was vital in the second wave, a State Oxygen Management Team under a senior IAS officer was set up on April 30 for handling and monitoring of oxygen supply matters, the summary of the White Paper stated.

The number of ‘D’ type oxygen cylinders was increased from 25 (before second wave) to about 6,007 within two months and the number of ‘B’ type cylinders was increased from 117 to about 1,122 to meet urgent requirements.

About 480 oxygen ventilators and 3,145 oxygen concentrators were acquired with support of Central Governante Funding and CSR support and about 20,000 pulse oximeters were also acquired, it said.

Moreover 16 PSA oxygen plants were set up under PM-Cares while another six PSA oxygen plants in hill districts under Tribal Affairs and Hills department and two LMO (Liquid Oxygen) plants at JNIMS were also set up, it added.

As per the DIPR, 1,179 general beds and 209 ICU/HDU beds were set up in hospitals at Imphal and outlying districts and in addition 3,472 beds were set up in about 29 COVID Care Centres in different districts.

Home isolation for positive persons with proper home isolation facilities was adopted for asymptomatic and very mild patients in line with ministry of Health and Family Welfare’s guidelines, the White Paper stated, adding that community home isolation centres were also started to enable better monitoring and facilitate admission of patients lacking suitable home isolation facilities.

A State Technical Expert Committee, chaired by the director of Health Services, has also been set up to formulate advisories, guidelines and SOPS on Covid-19 Management, it added.

IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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