295 children test COVID-19 positive during second wave in Tamenglong

With 16 more children testing positive for COVID-19, total active cases among children surged to 42 in Tamenglong.

ByDaniel Kamei

Updated 6 Aug 2021, 6:12 am

COVID-19 testing centre in Tamenglong, Manipur(Photo: IFP)
COVID-19 testing centre in Tamenglong, Manipur(Photo: IFP)


The dreadful COVID-19 pandemic has reached every nook and corner of the state and infected all age groups. The number of children infected with Coronavirus is increasing alarmingly in Tamenglong district of Manipur. A total of 295 children have been confirmed with COVID-19 so far during the second wave of the pandemic in Tamenglong district. Although 253 of the 295 children had recovered, the detection of 16 more positive children recently has led to a surge in active cases of 42 child Covid patients currently.  

The children are from a children's home run by Indigenous Children and Foundation at Tamenglong district headquarters. 

Speaking to the Imphal Free Press, administrator of Jaojian Children Home (Girl) said that a six-year-old child first complained of suffering from headache.  On being brought to the district hospital Duigailong Tamenglong for medical health check up, the medical doctor advised to take COVID-19 test before examining the patient. 

The child was tested positive and in the process of contact tracing, 15 more children were tested positive, he said.

“The children's home has been maintaining maximum precautions inside its whole campus. No one is allowed to meet outsiders. Even the parents are not allowed to visit the children's home. The main gate is kept closed and the children are never allowed to go out. We are yet to determine from where the infection spread to children,” he said. 


However, it was suspected that the infection might be from the two home mothers who go out twice in a week to get fresh vegetables. But they were also tested and the results came negative, he said. 

Last month, at least 24 students and two teachers were tested positive for COVID-19 from one private run school in Tousem subdivision headquarters.

With the immediate intervention of a medical team from PHC Tousem, the pandemic COVID-19 in the private school was controlled. 

In the meantime, chief medical officer Tamenglong Dr G Majachunglu said that the infection in the last couple of weeks has increased among children below 18 years old. 

She said that the vaccination is a safe way for parents and children in the family. She also informed that the testing centre at Haipou Jadonang Park Tamenglong is open every day. 

Any person found symptomatic or felt the need to test may visit for early detection, and early medical intervention will save precious lives, she added.  


The CMO appealed to all the COVID-19 positive patients who are under home isolation to strictly maintain SOPs so that the virus should not spread again from one infected person to another. She also appealed to all citizens of Tamenglong to give support and cooperation extended towards medical staff when they come for contact tracing. 

The CMO maintained that some people try to hide and avoid testing when the medical team comes for contact tracing. She fervently urged the citizens of Tamenglong to get vaccinated before it is too late.

Meanwhile, Tamenglong on Thursday reported 13 new COVID-19 positive patients from different locations in Tamenglong town. As many as 24 patients have recovered as well. 

With the detection of 13 new cases, the total positive count has surged to 1,307, including 168 total active cases. It may also be mentioned that at least nine COVID-19 positive persons are being treated at Covid Isolation Ward in the district hospital Duigailong, Tamenglong.



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Daniel Kamei

Daniel Kamei

IFP Correspondent, TAMENGLONG


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