'Microplastic top environmental concern'

World Earth Day observed in Manipur.

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As Manipur observed the World Earth Day at the Directorate of Environment and Climate Change, Conference Hall on Monday, experts and environmentalists drew attention towards microplastic pollution as a top concern.

During the observation, environmentalists present put up a new area of concern for the environment.

"Microplastic pollution has become one of the world’s top environmental concerns of current times", said environmentalists. 

Vice-chancellor of DM University professor Rajmohan also spoke about microplastic that have become a hazard for humans in current times. 

He explained that microplastics created by disintegrating or breaking away from bigger plastics, as an ingredient for various consumer and commercial products, have become a cause of environmental and health concerns.

Microplastics make their way into human bloodstream, directly through products that use microplastics as an active ingredient or through secondary sources such as drinking water or the food chain, he said.

"Everybody and everywhere, I can say almost all humans use several consumer products such as cosmetics and paints, or medicinal hygiene products such as sanitary pads. All these have been found to use microplastics as active ingredients", Rajmohan said.


Each and everyone has to become concerned over microplastic pollution, it is not only for the government or for some environment concern persons, he said.

So, take steps to reduce the use of plastics and microplastics by making conscious choices to reduce single use plastics, choose personal care products that are microplastics free, he added.

Director T Brajakumar of Directorate of Environment and Climate Change said that the initiative of reducing single plastic use has been started from the government side and it has started banning since 2022 in India as well as in Manipur.   

The ban states that, "no person shall manufacture, stock, distribute or sell any carry bags made of virgin or recyclable plastics.” However, the implementation of the ban is not uniform across the country.

Responding to the query of the media regarding non-stop use of plastic and throwing plastic bottles everywhere, the director said "it will take time as we were fully dependent on plastic for the last many years. Every individual needs to educate and raise awareness about the environment and ecosystem, only then everybody will become concerned over ecosystem protection and use of plastic will stop". 

Overall, plastic pollution poses a significant threat to the health and well being of populations. The theme of this year's World Earth Day is 'Planet Vs Plastics'. 

The observation was attended by MAHUD commissioner, M Joy and other staff of the directorate of environment. 

During the programme, environment education materials have released and distributed Plastic Bottle Bank.


World Earth Day in Bishnupur and Churachandpur

world earth day 2024 manipur

The Indian Army along with the Bishnupur Forest Division observed the World Earth Day in Bishnupur and Churachandpur districts with a dedicated campaign against the escalating climatic changes induced by rampant deforestation and plastic pollution.              

Together with the locals, the mission aimed to advocate for environmental sustainability and highlight the critical importance of preserving our delicate ecosystems. As part of this initiative, 500 trees were planted in Kumbi, Saiton, and Siden, symbolizing their unwavering commitment to the environment.

Emphasizing the need for unified efforts in tackling environmental issues, the Indian Army underscored the significance of collective action in addressing these challenges by encouraging individuals and communities to adopt sustainable practices. With enthusiastic participation from locals who actively engaged in tree planting activities, this campaign exemplified the potential of collective action in combating environmental degradation.

In the face of the global climate crisis, such collaborative endeavours serve as poignant reminders of our shared responsibility to protect and preserve our planet for future generations.

(With Inputs from our Churachandpur Correspondent)


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