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Chan Lukhoi conferred Dr Thiyam Suresh Literary Award 2023

Writer Chana Lukhoi was presented the first Dr Thiyam Suresh Literary Award 2023 by the Patriotic Writers’ Forum.

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Updated 3 May 2023, 5:10 am

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The first Dr Thiyam Suresh Literary Award 2023 was conferred to renowned writer Chana Lukhoi by Patriotic Writers’ Forum (PAWF) in an award ceremony at Ima Banquet Hall, Keishampat Junction in Imphal West on Monday.    

On the occasion, Wangkhei assembly constituency MLA Thangjam Arunkumar stated that he will take up necessary measures to recognise Manipuri language as a classical language, stated a release.   

The award included a cash prize of Rs 10,000, a memento, citation, and a shawl. The event witnessed the attendance of Forum president Naoroibam Khamba Luwang as chief guest, dean of School of Humanities, Manipur University professor  Nahakpam Aruna as guest of honour, while Forums secretary Rakesh Naorem and Award donor RK Tamphasana also attended as dais members, it mentioned.  


It stated that MLA Arunkumar said that Patriotic Writers Forum (PAWF), Manipur expressed happiness on Chana Lukhoi being awarded as the first recipient of Dr. Thiyam Suresh Literary Award 2023.

He said that we are living with dignity and pride before the world because we have our own language, script and literature, it mentioned. Chana Lukhoi is highly deserving of the award as he is already established as a writer of many Sumang Leelas, it added.     

“I am happy to learn that the award will be conferred annually to many other distinguished individuals who have excelled in their respective fields,” he added.  

Chana Lukhoi expressed his happiness on receiving the award. He further raised concern that the youths are forgetting the age-old culture and traditions of Manipur.  


He said that the young generation have forgotten about ‘Chakngai Waree’, ‘Phousu Waree’ and ‘Paotak waree’, etc. it mentioned. These stories are no longer told, he mentioned.

He raised concern that the youths are too attracted by the ‘E-World’ with their mobile phones and this has been extremely unfortunate, it added.  He appealed to the youths to remember their roots and origins, it stated.  

The award ceremony witnessed the attendance of many writers and authors. Writers such as Yaiskul Khwairakpam, Chongtham (O) Subadani, Athokpam Umabati, Thangjam Ibemu and Keke Wahengbam etc. were also felicitated as a part of the event, it added. 


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IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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