Thangminlun Haokip

Thangminlun Haokip

Secretary, Ministry of Education and Statistics, Thadou Students’ Association (GHQ)

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The Song of Teachers

Posted on 7 Sept 2022

Come forth words of wisdom and knowledge- of life; Your names will not be obliterated like those of the unsung heroes,  For you have sung to us songs of all the secrets,

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A chaotic society - in pursuit of unity and peace

Posted on 18 Oct 2020

A  chaotic world- a chaotic society we live in, makes it hard for people to survive and live life where love and peace are replaced by pride and wars, where election are held and conducted on ground of clanism, money and barrels.

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Nurturing young minds amid COVID-19 pandemic

Posted on 22 Sept 2020

Thousands of students are battling this strenuous situation because they do not have proper access to the internet and technology such as  mobile phones or laptops to join online classes

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