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Rainforests are the lungs of Earth

Posted on 22 Jun 2024

Rainforests are indispensable for the health of ecosystems for sustaining global biodiversity, influencing climate patterns and generating the oxygen that is vital for all living beings on Earth.

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Aquatic animals are for societies and ecosystems

Posted on 2 Apr 2024

There is an urgent need to give aquatic animals proper conservation and protection. Through law, policy, education, advocacy and good stewardship, our efforts to save the plight of aquatic animals should overcome the immense challenges they face.


Forest, the most important vital organ of the Earth

Posted on 21 Mar 2024

Innovative solutions, to ensure sustainable forest management is the need of the hour. Such policies outline that forests can be a key part of the green economy for an innovative market, both for the public and private sectors in long-term solutions.

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Rivers are parts of our communities

Posted on 14 Mar 2024

A river's flow is its heartbeat. Naturally high and low water levels create habitat conditions essential for reproduction and growth for many species.

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Soil: The key to environmental and human health

Posted on 8 Dec 2023

Soils are fundamental to life but human pressures on soil are reaching critical limits. Careful soil management is the lever for climate regulation and a pathway for safeguarding ecosystem services.

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Amid unrest, priority must be given to saving environment

Posted on 22 May 2023

On this International Day for Biological Diversity, we have a unique opportunity to make biodiversity and nature a priority for all. Together we can galvanize, actions and awareness on political impetus for nature, people and the planet.

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