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COP27 for human survival on planet Earth

Posted on 7 Nov 2022

World's response to the present climate emergency is crucial to our future survival. COP27 becomes the moment when the world moved from negotiation to implementation, words were translated to actions and where we collectively work towards sustainability for the planet and the future generations.

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COP27: A promise or cheat, but the planet is dying

Posted on 25 Oct 2022

Climate action is an ongoing process, not an event, and it requires extraordinary collaboration. COP27 is a critical opportunity for business and governments to double down on their climate goals, forge new collaborations and achieve innovative solutions together.

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World Food Day 2022 and our Environment

Posted on 15 Oct 2022

Governments, private sector, academia, civil society and individuals need to work together to prioritize the rights of people to food, nutrition, peace and equality.


Wildlife - their survival is in our hands

Posted on 2 Oct 2022

Wildlife Week 2022: In view of the environmental degradation posing critical threats to the survival of our wildlife and our ecological balance, there’s an urgent need for mankind to facilitate a deeper relationship with the environment.

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Of Protecting Life on Earth

Posted on 14 Sept 2022

With the coming of World Ozone Day during this Tarpan observation, let us take oath to save the mother earth by tackling climate change, protecting the natural ecosystems and forging a brighter and more equitable planet for humanity.

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International Literacy Day and Environment

Posted on 7 Sept 2022

The most illiterate regions of the world are often at the highest-risk to feel the impacts of climate change. Many do not have the education to feel empowered to change their situation.

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International Youth Day and my environment

Posted on 11 Aug 2022

Engaging youth in environmental protection not only creates a direct impact on changing their behaviors and attitudes but possibly influences their parents, families and relatives.


Indigenous traditional knowledge - a vital way forward

Posted on 8 Aug 2022

Many indigenous peoples are giving up their traditional lifestyle and taking up farming and cattle ranching in the forest areas causing irreparable damage. Such people, formerly the protectors of forests, are gradually becoming threats to the forests and wildlife.

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Overpopulation: An asset or a curse?

Posted on 8 Jul 2022

World Population Day: There will come a time when population growth and welfare collide. That time, floods of people will trek all over the world searching for more food and welfare causing political conflicts and wars.

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