Kamal Baruah

Kamal Baruah

The writer is a former air-warrior and now works for SBI

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A hawk's eye on the McMahon Line

Posted on 29 Jun 2020

While botanists could breed a new and beautiful variety of a flowering stem, residents feel rivers of joy moving along the boundless beauty of nature. But the land of the teaching of Buddha is unceasingly under threat from its neighbors.

Galwan, Ladakh

How soldiers stand sentinel in Ladakh

Posted on 19 Jun 2020

We swam ashore across the lonely rivers at Zanskar, Shyok, Suru and Nubra easily while targeting shoulder-launched IGLA missiles. We lived across Ladakh then.

Bihu dance
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The distorted sound of celebration

Posted on 21 May 2020

Assam goes with Muga silk (golden silk) and traditional Gamosa and it welcomes spring with dancing to the rhythm of Rongali Bihu tunes and beatings of Bihu Dhol across hills and vales.

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