Arun Sinha

Arun Sinha

Arun Sinha is an independent journalist and the author of ‘The Battle for Bihar’.

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Prashant Kishor In A New Avatar

Posted on 1 Jun 2022

Prashant Kishor has taken a significant turn in his career from an election strategist to political activist, but whether that will mark a significant turn in Indian politics too is something we will have to wait and see.

Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu

Defections: Take away Speaker’s powers

Posted on 5 May 2022

The central flaw in the anti-defection law has been the assignment of total authority to the speaker to decide on the petition. All political parties have used the speaker as the weapon to defeat the law.

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Questions to Great Saviour of Muslim Women

Posted on 24 Feb 2022

Hijab Row: The BJP must realize that by barring hijab-wearing girls it would be driving them deeper into the clutches of the forces of orthodoxy. The BJP’s aim should be to help more and more Muslim women get an education.

Farmers in India (File Photo: IFP)

Which Way Farmers Will Vote

Posted on 6 Feb 2022

Signs are not good for the BJP in UP and Punjab as the fire of farmers’ anger is still not extinguished. The bitterness caused by the Modi government in making their movement against the farm laws seems so contemptible remains in the farmers’ hearts.

Uttar Pradesh

UP: Test for a 'Rambhakt' Ruler

Posted on 23 Jan 2022

The discontent among the lower castes has busted the self-illusion of the BJP, which stakes are highest in UP, that it can bind all castes securely with the Hindutva glue. Hindu unity to them has proven to be a chimera which only perpetuates deep social and economic divisions.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

From Hindustani state to Hindu state

Posted on 10 Jan 2022

PM Modi’s partiality to Hinduism is changing the character and image of the Indian state from multireligious to mono religious in the eyes of Indians and people abroad.

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Foster Father of Farmers

Posted on 31 Dec 2021

At the core of the farmer-State confrontation, and now of the hard negotiations between them, lies this issue: Who will fix the cracking food bowl?

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