Art exhibition encourages youth to explore cultural heritage of Loktak lake

Kalen Art Exhibition is being held at Loktak Folklore Museum located at Thanga Tongbram Leikai on Friday.

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Updated on 10 Dec 2021, 5:13 pm

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In an effort to inspire today's youth to explore the bountiful cultural heritage and significance of Loktak lake, ‘Kalen Art Exhibition’ was inaugurated at Loktak Folklore Museum located at Thanga Tongbram Leikai on Friday.

Founder of Loktak Folklore Museum Tongbram Amarjit told the Imphal Free Press that “Museum as we know, is the soul of human civilisation and we cannot simply abandon the things of the past”.

The international museum day is being celebrated across the globe every year on May 18.

Archiving the rich artifacts, the materials, culture and the traditional knowledge, Loktak Folklore Museum had planned to host the ‘Kalen Art Exhibition’ on May 18 in connection with International Museum Day. However, due to COVID pandemic it had to be postponed, he added.  

Despite the prevailing uncertainty of life due to the onslaught of the Covid pandemic, the enthusiasm that the young artists felt about the exhibition cannot be deterred by the pandemic, he mentioned. Despite hardships, it has decided to organise the art exhibition before the end of 2021, he added.  

‘Kalen’ is the Manipur month where the ‘Umang Lai’ (Sylvan deities) residing across the state are worshipped and people seek blessings, he said.  

“It is the season in which nature blooms with flowers and bears fruits abundantly and monsoon showers, giving the elixir of life,” Amarjit said. “Lai Haraoba is the sacred festival of Manipur which is deeply rooted in our genes and culture,” he added.  

Keeping in mind that art heals and art connects, the ‘Kalen Art Exhibition’ is focussed to inspire especially the youth, he maintained. It is time to encourage the budding talents in the state, he asserted.

At the inaugural function, a booklet on the 'Kalen Art Exhibition' was released. The exhibition will continue till Sunday. 

In connection with the Loktak Folklore Museum, vice chancellor of Manipur University of Culture, Paonam Gunindro assured that he will insist the state government to develop the museum as it preserves the history of the precious Loktak lake.

It is a place that has connections with the sentiments of the people of the state with Loktak lake, he added.

The inaugural programme was attended by director of IPR and fisheries Balkrishna Heisnam; Manipur state kala akademi awardee RK Budhimanta Karta and Sahitya Academy Awardee Saratchandra Thiyam.  

First published:10 Dec 2021, 5:13 pm


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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