27,040 eligible persons inoculated in Ukhrul district
Ukhrul district reported 13 new COVID-19 positive cases on Thursday.

ByUkhrul Correspondent

Updated on 26 Aug 2021, 4:59 pm



As many as 27,040 people out of the 87,633 eligible persons in Ukhrul district have been vaccinated so far with 19,338 being administered the first dose and 7,702 having received both doses, as per the latest Covid vaccination report.

On Thursday, 101 eligible persons were vaccinated in the district, according DIO Ukhrul. 

A total of 27, 040 persons have been vaccinated as of January 16 till August 26, of which 1,187 healthcare workers have received the first dose while 851 have received both doses. 

As many as 3,253 frontline workers have taken the first jab while 2,554 have received both doses. In the 18-44, a total of 9,342 have been administered the first dose while 1,466 persons have received both doses. 

In the 45-59 age group, at least 3,312 persons have been vaccinated with first dose while 1,493 have been inoculated with both doses. A total of 2,244 eligible persons falling under the age group of 60 years and above have been administered with the first dose while 1,338 have successfully received both doses. 

According to district surveillance officer Ukhrul, the active tally has dropped from 171 to 150 cases with the successful discharge of 46 patients in Ukhrul district on Thursday.  

The district cumulative positive cases stand at 1,312 with 729 males and 583 females while Covid fatalities stand at 34. Ukhrul district reported 13 new COVID-19 positive cases on Thursday. 

Of the total active cases, 29 patients are lodged at district hospital isolation ward, 53 patients are lodged at lodged transit Covid care centre, 29 are lodged at TK woodland covid hospital, and 14 are lodged at Ukhrul higher secondary school. Ukhrul reported 38 positive cases on Wednesday. 


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Ukhrul Correspondent

Ukhrul Correspondent

UKHRUL district, Manipur

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