Maintain peace, communal harmony over Mt Koubru: Manipur Forest minister

Forest Minister Awangbow Newmai on Saturday appealed to the public not to hurt the sentiment of the people over Mt Koubru issue.

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Updated on 15 May 2021, 1:35 pm

Mt Koubru (Photo: IFP)

Mt Koubru (Photo: IFP)

Forest Minister Awangbow Newmai has appealed to the public not to do anything which will hurt the sentiment of the people or disturb the peace and communal harmony in connection with Mt Koubru.

In his appeal to the public on Saturday, he stated that a meeting was held on April 20 among representatives of Committee on Protection and Preservation of Mount Koubru (COPPK) and YAS Minister Letpao Haokip regarding the allegation that worshipers are not allowed to visit Mt Koubru.

During the meeting, an understanding was reached that anyone who wishes to go to Koubru for worship should not be stopped by whosoever, it stated.

“During the meeting, I reminded the members that Mt Koubru falls under the Kanglatongbi Kangpokpi Reserved Forest which was declared as Reserved Forest in 1968 under the Indian Forest Act, 1927. And that no activities will be allowed within the Reserved Forest whatsoever unless permissible under the Act. Also, there cannot be any agreement with any organisation on forest land which comes within the Reserved Forest Area.

“Mt Koubru is considered as a sacred mountain by all communities. The massive deforestation at Mt Koubru is unfortunate. Hence, the Forest department is taking up plantation programmes at Mt Koubru,” he stated.


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First published:15 May 2021, 1:35 pm


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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