I am today, The child you showed what precious means. And always precious you will be to me.

ByGaichanglungliu G. Kamei

Updated 21 Jun 2020, 1:03 am

(Representational Image-Pexels)
(Representational Image-Pexels)

I often wish, 
I’d always said ‘I love you, Daddy dear’.
The bigger words too small expressing this.
Six years gone,
Each day I miss you, like a missing limb.
With every breath I breathe your love.
Live life right, 
You taught me, with your quiet restraint.
You showed me, with your wordless deeds.
When I asked,
Your nods and shakes sufficed for me
Since both with loving eyes expressed.
‘Daddy it’s you 
I want’. ‘You’d only let your father do’, said Mom,
When things there were I wanted done.
Friend and mentor
You were, and taught me how to choose them all.
And well indeed, since most were friends.
My adult life
Away from home, were anchored by your letters dear.
They spoke as if you sat by me.
I am today,
The child you showed what precious means.
And always precious you will be to me.
In painful peace
You passed. In vain I felt your failing veins
That once did gush with loving life.
I still mourn.
You left this earthly world, but in my heart,
Each day I hear your beating heart for me.
I cannot write,
Of all the love you gave to me and many more.
I only look forward to meet you soon again.
(This poem is a tribute to her beloved father Late G.G.Kamei who passed away in February 2014. The author dedicates the poem to all fathers on Father's Day)


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Gaichanglungliu G. Kamei

Gaichanglungliu G. Kamei

Indian Revenue Service Officer. She writes, driven by hope and inspiration in the bubbles of life.


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