Manipur: Thoubal police arrest three cadres of banned militant group, recover 34 hand grenades
Thoubal police arrest three cadres of banned militant group, recover 34 hand grenades

ByThoubal Correspondent

Updated on 2 May 2021, 5:51 am



Thoubal Police on Friday arrested three cadres of a proscribed military group and seized 34 hand grenades from a banana plantation located at Tekcham Mayai Leikai, Thoubal district.

Along with the grenades, three demand letters signed by a secretary department of Finance S Pankhei, one black pulsar 200 NS motorcycle bearing registration no MN 01L8261 and five mobile handsets were also seized, stated a release signed by superintendent of Police, Thoubal district Manipur, MPS S Ibomcha Singh.  

The arrested persons have been identified as Moirangthem Megha Singh, 48, son of (L) M Ganesh Singh of Heirok Part III; Maibam Rajkumar Singh, 22, son of M Sanahanbi Singh of Tentha Khunjao; and Soibam Lemba Singh, 34, son of S Shohosing Singh of Tekcham Mayai Leikai, it stated.  

They were planning to explode the hand grenades at government offices, brick farms and government officials who do not fulfil their monetary demands, it added.

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The police received information on Friday that some members of a proscribed military group are going to lob hand grenades at some government offices, brick firms etc. for not fulfilling their monetary demands, the release stated. It was also informed that they are going to serve demand letters of the group at some government offices of Thoubal district, it stated.  

Several teams of CDO Thoubal unit led by OC CDO Thoubal N Tikendra Meetei under the command of additional SP (Ops) MPS Sachidananda Soibam under the supervision of superintendent of Police, Thoubal district MPS S Ibomcha Sharma were deployed at different vulnerable locations and conducted intensified frisking and checking, it stated.  

At around 12.30 pm, one suspect Moirangthem Megha Singh was intercepted at Champrathong, Heirok Part III, the release stated.

On preliminary questioning, he disclosed that he is a member of the banned organisation, working under one self styled lieutenant called Heishingba. He also disclosed that he has been involved in the transpiration of explosive materials for the group to commit prejudicial activities, it added.

At around 1.30 pm, another team led by OC CDO Thoubal N Tikendra Meetei, intercepted two youths coming on a motorcycle in a suspicious manner near the gate of DC Office Thoubal, the release stated.  On preliminary questioning, they disclosed that they have been working under the same Heishingba of the group, it added.

They disclosed that they were coming to serve demand letters to government offices. On searching the bag of Maibam Rajkumar three demand letters signed by secretary, department of Finance S Pankhei were found, it stated.

It stated that Rajkumar also disclosed that he was also working under Heishingba through Soibam Lemba Singh.  From his disclosure, 34 hand grenades were seized from his Banana plantation farm, it added.

It further stated that S Lemba Singh disclosed that he too, has been working under the same Heishingba. Under Heishingba’s instructions, he and Rajkumar had served many demand letters at government offices, brick firms etc., it stated.


First published:30 Apr 2021, 12:26 pm


Thoubal Correspondent

Thoubal Correspondent

THOUBAL district, Manipur

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