Tharon Cave: Explore the less explored

If you travel to Tamenglong, buckle in for a day of adventure at the Tharon cave.

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Updated 20 Apr 2021, 11:58 am

Tharon cave
Tharon cave

It’s no secret that Tamenglong district is home to some of the most scenic spots in Manipur. Whether you’re a bonafide local or out-of-town visitor, there’s much more Tamenglong has to offer. If you are trying new things for yourself, exploring the less explored is the real treat.

Not too far away from the district headquarters is the Tharon cave, laced underneath the pretty landscape of telescoping green slopes. So, if you travel to Tamenglong, buckle in for a day of adventure at the Tharon cave. 

Located 164 km away from Manipur's capital Imphal and just 27 km from Tamenglong district headquarters, Tharon cave is not only the beautiful picturesque nature to the outside world but it connects people to the vibrant heritage of the native place. The cave is one among various heritage sites of Manipur.

The cave which is 655.6 meter in length and is about 910 meters above sea level, also provides the first concrete evidence of Haobinhian culture in India which is also found in other South East Asian countries. 

The Tharon cave is sure to give you a whole different and unusual experience as if you are entering into the unknown world. The cave has a good ventilation system that ensures ample air circulation. 

The cave is also known as the abode of fruit bats. It houses different types of halls, including Lous hall, Dancing Hall, Meeting Hall, among others. It has 12 caves underneath.

Tharon cave

Worried you might get lost in the cave?


Worry not! The map of the entire cave is engraved and painted on a stone at the main entrance to help the enthusiasts locate each and every nook and turn inside the cave and also figure out the alley way inside.

Tharon cave is a place that has a cultural significance for locals. It preserves the legacy of intangible attributes and physical artifacts of the society which are inherited from previous generations.

Hence, in a bid to preserve the heritage sites of the district, the 44 Assam Rifles under the aegis of 22 Sector Assam Rifles IGAR (East) on Monday organised a talk under the theme ‘Complex Past, Diverse Future’ as part of World Heritage Day.

The programme was held at the battalion headquarters and people from diverse backgrounds and cultures set aside their differences and came forward to spread the message of solidarity.

Speaking on the occasion, commandant of 44th Assam Rifles, Col Pradeepkumar urged the people to preserve the heritage sites. He said that one should observe the day to celebrate various cultures and their heritage. It is a day to celebrate the joint history and heritage of the human race.

Stressing upon preserving the heritage sites in the district, he called upon the youths to spread awareness about the cultural monuments and sites and to espouse the importance of preserving them.

A photo gallery of places and sites was also inaugurated for the public during the occasion.

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit Tharon cave is January-April.


How to reach:

One can reach the mystical Tharon cave via air, train or road. 

-  The nearest airport is the Tulihal International Imphal Airport, 152 km from Tamenglong. From here, one can take a bus or local taxis to reach the destination. 

-  One can also take a train to Jiribam Railway Station, about 146 km from Tamenglong headquarters. Take a bus or a local taxi to experience the unusual yet exciting adventure. 

-  If one prefers to travel by road, National Highway- 37 is the road that will lead to the adventure destination. 

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