Joint bodies demand booking of culprits involved in death of RIMS medical student
Sanaton Athokpam, a medical student of RIMS was found dead under mysterious circumstances in his hostel room on March 15.

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Joint local bodies of Khurai area staged a sit-in-protest and march a rally followed by demonstration of a human chain at Soibam Leikai road, JNIMS crossing, Imphal East on Wednesday, demanding justice for Sanaton Athokpam, a medical student of RIMS who died under mysterious circumstances in his hostel room on March 15.

Fifteen days have passed since the incident took place but no positive responses are made from the state government yet, stated a press statement issued by convenor of ‘justice for Sanaton Athokpam, Khurai Thangjam Leikai’ Moirangthem Loyalakpa.

The joint committee which was formed in connection with the death of the medical student had given an ultimatum of 8 days, starting March 15, it added.

It mentioned that following the death, no persons from the medical students’ union of RIMS and authority of the hospital had come forward to take part in the grieving for Sanaton, it added.

The present government is not transparent in the investigation as 15 days has passed, it alleged.

Decrying the incident and delay in the investigation, the locals of Khurai Ahonggei Meira Paibi Lup, Khurai Ahongei Thangjam Leikai Nupi Lup (Khurai Thangja Leikai and Khurai Thoudam Leikai), Khurai Thangjam Leikai Apunba Nupi Lup, Wangkhei Khunou Meira Paibi, Soibam Leikai Meira Paibi, Eastern Educational Club, Khurai Ahonggei and Citizens’ Club, Soibam Leikai Wangkhei Khunou staged a sit-in-protest in support of the movement of ‘Justice for Sanaton Athokpam’.

Later, the protestors marched a democratic rally towards JNIMS hospital and formed a human chain at Soibam Leikai road JNIMS crossing, Imphal East.

It further demanded immediate report for the investigation. The state government should bear the consequences it failed to give speedy justice, it added. 


‘Culprits involved in death of Sanaton must be booked’

Sit-in-protest staged against death of RIMS medical student


First published:24 Mar 2021, 6:13 pm


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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