MP Sanajaoba exhorts Manipuri Muslim community to formulate policy for their upliftment

Sanajaoba was speaking at an award presentation ceremony where AMMOCOC presented Abdul-Hei Memorial Award to 'Imphal Free Press' reporter Babie Shirin and 'Ichel Express' reporter Sahidur Rahman.

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Updated on 2 Mar 2021, 5:45 am

Imphal Free Press reporter Babie Shirin bags Abdul-Hei Ningsing Mana (PHOTO: IFP)

Imphal Free Press reporter Babie Shirin bags Abdul-Hei Ningsing Mana (PHOTO: IFP)

Rajya Sabha MP Leishemba Sanajaoba Meitei on Monday exhorted Meitei Pangal (Manipuri Muslim) community of the state to formulate a concrete policy for their upliftment.

He was speaking at an award presentation ceremony where the All Manipur Muslim Organisations’ Co-ordinating Committee (AMMOCOC) presented Abdul-Hei Ningsing Mana (Abdul-Hei Memorial Award) to Imphal Free Press reporter Babie Shirin and Ichel Express reporter Sahidur Rahman.

The occasion was held under the banner ‘Thounaroisingbu Ekaikhumnajaba Thouram’ at Sangai Hall, Imphal Hotel.

Speaking at the function as the chief guest, he said, “As an MP, I would like to extend my support to bring all round development among the Manipuri Muslims. For this, a comprehensive policy is much needed. If representatives of Manipuri Muslim community can frame such a policy wherein every sections of this particular community are accepted, I can forward it to the government of India and urge to fulfill the demands stated in the policy.”

He further said that the government of India listens to the appeal or demand made by the state if the approaches are genuine.

Leishemba said that there has been a strong bond between the Meitei and Meitei Pangal community since time immemorial. Historians and intellectuals need to find out more about the history of Meitei Pangal and their roles in the history of the state. Such initiatives would help the future generations in becoming more aware about the history of Meitei Pangals.

The committee also presented awards in seven other categories. They are ‘Ereipak Award’ to Nongmaimayum Rahanyas Shahni,  ‘Alaoddin Ningsing Mana’ to Makakmayum Ayub Ali , ‘MOBST Award’ to Abdul Salam Khulleibam, ‘Chaoba Mia Ningsing Mana’ to Dr Intiyas Khan, ‘Abdul Rahman Ningsing Mana’ to Pukhrimayum Kayamuddin, ‘Kangleipak Industry Award’ to Makakmayum Murshad Ali and ‘Haji Sirajuddin Ningsing Mana’ to Chingish Khan.

Expressing his appreciation to the AMMOCOC for honouring the people who are making contributions in various professions, he said that Manipuri society is more focused on criticizing people rather than praising or acknowledging them. Such attitudes demotivate and put obstacles in bringing development to the society, he said. Considering these issues, taking the initiative to present awards is worthy of appreciation as it would encourage them tremendously.

Speaking on the sidelines of the function, AMMOCOC president SM Jalal said that the awards on various fields and professions were presented to recognise their contributions made in society. He also congratulated all the recipients of the awards.

He also said that Manipur state is inhabited by various ethnic communities. The committee would extend all possible efforts in maintaining peace, unity and integrity in the society, he added. 

First published:1 Mar 2021, 3:01 pm


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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