COVID-19 in Tamenglong: No more active case; 830 persons vaccinated

A total of 1,687 persons were confirmed COVID-19 positive, including security forces posted in the district.

ByTamenglong Correspondent

Updated on 1 Mar 2021, 3:03 pm



In what could be termed as a great joy for the citizens of Tamenglong, COVID-19 active tally has now dipped to zero in Tamenglong district which once had the highest positive rate with the highest number of tests recorded among the districts of Manipur. 

The Tamenglong District Task Force headed by Deputy Commissioner Tamenglong Armstrong Pame and Chief Medical Officer Tamenglong Dr Chambo Gonmei had screened as many as 4,738 persons. Of them, 1,687 persons were confirmed COVID-19 positive, including security forces posted in the district.

Despite the highest number of positive cases, 1,680 have recovered from the disease and seven others were reported dead due to the dreadful COVID-19 and now the number of COVID-19 active cases has dipped to zero on Monday.

Speaking exclusively to Imphal Free Press, Chief Medical Officer Tamenglong Dr Chambo Gonmei said that people should not take things lightly despite the zero positive case in Tamenglong.

He appealed to all citizens of Tamenglong to maintain SOP strictly - that is wearing of face masks, using hand sanitizers or washing hands with soap and, keeping social distancing. He also urged all incoming outsiders to test at the nearest health centres, including the district hospital Tamenglong, PHC Oinamlong, PHC Tamei and CHC Nungba free of cost.  

Meanwhile, Tamenglong has vaccinated as many as 830 persons with COVISHIELD in the first phase of the vaccination programme till today. However, there has been no report of any side effects till the filling of this report.

Dr Chambo Gonmei further said that COVID-19 vaccination is voluntary as per SOP. No healthcare workers can force anyone to take the vaccine, he said.

Healthcare workers should be able to advocate the importance and benefits of vaccination to the people. Prevention and safety of oneself and for everyone from COVID disease by vaccination should be understood by all, he said.

There are certain categories of people who should not be given the Covishield vaccine, like pregnant women, lactating mothers, people with history of asthma, allergy to specific drugs and food, children below 18 years and those anticipating pregnancy or during motherhood, he said.

Covishield should not be given to those who are actively COVID positive, symptomatic or asymptomatic and those who are acutely ill and hospitalised and Immuno-compromised patients like HIV/AIDS and autoimmune diseases, he added.

Chief Medical Officer Tamenglong Dr Chambo Gonmei further appealed to always give proper and accurate medical history to the doctor/vaccinators before vaccination for any kind of diseases and not only for COVID-19 vaccination. He also informed that the first phase of Covishield vaccination for healthcare workers and frontline workers including Assam Rifles, CRPF/ BRTF, Manipur police, Manipur rifles, etc and revenue departments in Tamenglong is over.

“The second phase of vaccination will start by 1st week March for 60 years and above and 45 years and above with co-morbidities. All the healthcare workers - medical staffs, ASHAs, ICDS Staffs (AWWs and Helpers) who have not been administered the first dose of covid vaccine are informed to get vaccinated before March 6, 2021, at their respective health centres, as the last date given by the state,” he said.

No more chances will be available at any government health facilities for the first dose of covid vaccination after March 6, 2021, for healthcare workers.

Covishield vaccination at government health centres is free of cost. However, it would be on payment basis in the private health facilities. The financial ceiling of total amount recoverable by private hospitals is Rs 250 per person per dose, as per the directive by the Union Health Ministry, the CMO added. 


Tamenglong Correspondent

Tamenglong Correspondent

TAMENGLONG district, Manipur

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