Mami Thawan Foundation to organise painting competition on ‘Our Pony’

A state level painting competition on ‘Eikhoi gi Pony (Our Pony)’ will be organised on February 28.

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Updated on 10 Feb 2021, 5:08 pm



A state level painting competition on ‘Eikhoi gi Pony (Our Pony)’ will be organised on February 28 to acknowledge the horse's historical connection and their present situation in the state, Mami Thawan Foundation announced on Wednesday.

 ‘Eikhoi gi Pony’ a project was launched in February, 2020 and ponies have been adopted as a part of the project, chairman of the foundation Romi Meitei said while briefing the media at the office of Mami Thawan Foundation,  Pisum Oinam Leikai in Imphal West.  

The painting competition is being organised as a part of celebrating the one-year completion of the project, he said. The competition is being organised to spread more awareness to the young generation about the Manipuri ponies’ unique place in the history of the state and their present situation.

He said there were 1,893 ponies in the year 2003. The graphic decline in the trajectory was noticed in the year 2007, thereby showing a drastic reduction in the number of ponies to 1,101 in 2012, he said. Many organisations including the state government are taking the initiative of protecting the ponies, he added.

He said the competition will be held in three categories, category A-class 1-3; category B-class 4-6; category C-class 7-9. Folk singer and performer Mangka Mayanglambam will be the face of the event, he added.

The forms for the competition will be made available free of cost. They can be downloaded from the website and sent to email: or to Whatsapp number 9612169101, he said. 

First published:10 Feb 2021, 5:08 pm


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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