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Sekta FC lift Lamlai Trophy

The Lamlai Kendra Village-wise Invitation Football Tournament 2021 was organised by FC Lamlai, Imphal East.

ByIFP Bureau

Updated on 6 Feb 2021, 7:18 am

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Sekta FC (A) defeated Heikakmapal by 4-2 goals in the 4th Lamlai Kendra Villagewise Invitation Football Tournament 2021, organised by FC Lamlai, Imphal East.

In the other matches, YMC Haraorou held on to SSC Sawombung by 1-1 goals while PYYDA Pangei beat Roma FC Pungdongbam by 3-1 goals and Tellou FC got a walkover after Tiger Camp FC failed to report for the match.



First published:6 Feb 2021, 7:18 am


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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