Woman found hanging, police pick up husband

Relatives and localities of the deceased raised suspicions on the nature of the death and demanded that the demanding that the culprits be arrested.

ByThoubal Correspondent

Updated 9 Jun 2020, 7:10 pm

A sit-in protest at Yairipok Kekru demanding that the culprit(s) must be nabbed.
A sit-in protest at Yairipok Kekru demanding that the culprit(s) must be nabbed.

In a shocking incident, a young married woman was suspiciously found hanging in a room adjacent to her husband’s bedroom at Yairipok Bishnunaha under Yairipok police station, Thoubal district, sources said.

As a follow up action, police have picked up the husband for interrogation.

The deceased has been identified as Longjam Ningol Laishram Ongbi Surina,23, and her husband now in police custody has been identified as Laishram Prabin,47, a resident of Yairipok Bishnunaha. The parental home of the deceased woman is located at Yairipok kekru, Thoubal district.

According to the police, on Monday at around 11.30 pm, the family members of the husband made a report to the Yairipok Police station that Surina was found hanging dead in a room of their house.

After police received the report, a case of Unnatural Death (UD) was registered and the dead body was taken down with the assistance of a forensic expert team at around 1.30 am. The police team has kept the dead body at JNIMS for post mortem at around 4.30 am of Tuesday, added police report. 

Meanwhile, the relatives and localities of Surina's parental side raised suspicions on the nature of the death. They rallied towards the husband's locality, demanding that the culprits must be nabbed. They expressed that Surina’s death could be a case of murder not suicide. Alleging that her husband killed her, they protested.


A scuffle between the police team and people took place. Several tear gas cells including mock bombs were fired by the police to control the mob.

Later, a JAC was formed following a joint meeting which was held at the ground of BYFY Yairipok. Some resolutions were unanimously taken at the meeting.

The meeting resolved that both the families of husband and deceased will be present at the time of conducting the post mortem.

It further resolved not to perform the last rites of the deceased until and unless the culprit(s) are booked. The meeting also resolved that the authority concerned should arrest all the family members of the husband and all the accused persons should be given befitting punishment according to law within 48 hours etc.

A member of the JAC Longjam Sangita, said to media persons that Surina had telephoned her mother on the evening of June 8, narrating that her husband Prabin had demanded Rs, 10, 000 to be given immediately, and also threatened to kill her if she fails to provide the amount.

The mother and her family took it lightly thinking as family matters. But on Tuesday morning, they heard that Surina was found dead.

“We could not believe that Surina had committed suicide. We are suspicious of her husband Prabin's hand behind her death,” she stated.  


She said that Prabin was running a mobile phone servicing shop at Yairipok market. He was in the habit of taking mobile numbers of ladies who come for repairing phones, she said.

Prabin had married Surina in her teenage year after divorcing his first wife. She was persuaded into the marriage by Prabin, she added. He should be punished according to law, she demanded. 

Meanwhile, a sit-in protest was held at Yairipok Kekru on Tuesday evening, demanding that the culprit(s) involved in the death of Surina must be nabbed.  

It is reported that the post mortem of the dead body was not conducted on Tuesday as there were some disagreements among the families of the husband and the deceased.

The police has also turned the case from UD to a regular case after the parental side had filed a FIR at Yairipok police station.  



First published:9 Jun 2020, 7:10 pm


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Thoubal Correspondent

Thoubal Correspondent

THOUBAL district, Manipur


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