JN Dance Academy teachers resign from academic council of Culture University

The resignation by the JN Dance Academy teachers was a fallout of the controversy surrounding the denial of admission to students of three institute in MA course of Culture University.

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Updated on 1 Dec 2020, 9:25 am

JN Dance Academy teachers (Photo: IFP)

JN Dance Academy teachers (Photo: IFP)

Teachers of Jawaharlal Nehru Manipur Dance Academy (JNMDA), who were members of Manipur University of Culture (MUC) academic council, have tendered their resignations on Monday. The resigned teachers also resolved to abstain from participating in any activities related to the university.

The decision was a fallout of the controversy surrounding the denial of admission to students of three institute in MA course of Culture University.

Speaking to the media at the academy on Monday, director in charge of JN Dance academy Pukhrambam Bilash Singh said, “Students of the MUC disrupted a meeting of the academic council on November 28 held at the varsity. The students destroyed few properties of the university and even a few of the teachers were also hurt”.

Students of MUC were protesting that graduates with certificates from institutes not recognised by the University Grant Commission will not be allowed admission to MA in the varsity.

Condemning the unruly behavior of the student of MUC, Bilash Singh said that teachers of the academy took active role in framing the syllabus of the courses in the MUC.

The director in charge also informed that teachers of JN Dance Academy are included in the expert committee of the university and they have been even utilised as examiners of the University of Culture.

However, it is unfortunate that the students of the Academy including the Music College and Dance College recognised by the state are denied MA admission in the university on the pretext that institutes are not recognised by University Grants Commission, said the director incharge JNMDA, he lamented.

He asserted that even Manipur University, which is a central university, allowed admission to students from the three colleges.

Recalling the incident when students of MUC stormed into the academic council meeting, Nameirakpam Ongbi Hemolata, a teacher of JNMDA said that the students threw plastic chairs at the teachers. She said, “we would have sustained serious injuries if we have not taken shelter in the next room”.

Denouncing the criteria/ eligibility of the admission process in MUC, students of Government Dance College, Music College and Dance Academy staged a protest in the campus of MUC on November 27.

During the protest, the students claimed that many students who completed their courses from the three institutes are getting admission in other states and Manipur University and questions why not in MUC. 

First published:1 Dec 2020, 4:00 am


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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