100 years old ‘Mamang Sang-goi’ remembered

The traditional outhouse of Meiteis commonly known as ‘Mamang Sang-goi’, was built in 1920 by Laitonjam Atol Singh.

ByJiribam Correspondent

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With a motive to preserve and make the future generations aware of the cultural heritage of Meiteis, a rare occasion of remembrance of 100 years old ‘Mamang Sang-goi’ (a traditional outhouse of Meiteis) was organised on November 15 at Nungfou Mamang Leikai of Lakhipur sub-division, Cachar district.

The programme was attended by president of Manipuri Literally Forum Assam, Yumnam Nodiyachand Singh; principal of North East Academy Fulertal, Cachar district, Laitonjam Nandakishore Singh; and N Brajadhon Singh, Th Joy Singh, Nipendro Sharma, Ch Mohaon Singh and Ng Basanta Kumar Singh as chief guest, president and guests of honours respectively.

Moirangthem Sobita Devi and Laitonjam Rajkishore Singh spoke on various traditional aspects of Mamang Sang-goi in Meitei culture during the programme hosted by Yengkhom Medhajit.

“The traditional outhouse of Meiteis, which is commonly known as ‘Mamang Sang-goi’, was built in 1920 by our ancestor Laitonjam Atol Singh. Considering the outhouse as one of the important cultural heritages of Meiteis, we have been preserving it so that our future generations will have the knowledge of its traditional values,” said Laitonjam Rajkishore.

First published:18 Nov 2020, 7:55 pm


Jiribam Correspondent

Jiribam Correspondent

Jiribam district, Manipur

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