Federation of Haomee burns effigy of KNO president, book written by him

The federation also imposed a ban on printing and sales of Haokip’s book ‘Zalen Gam the Kuki Nation’.

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Updated on 13 Nov 2020, 6:15 pm

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Federation of Haomee on Friday burnt effigies of Kuki National Organisation (KNO) president PS Haokip and book written by him titled ‘Zalen Gam the Kuki Nation’ alleging Haokip of misinterpreting the history of Manipur. The federation also imposed a ban on printing and sales of Haokip’s book ‘Zalen Gam the Kuki Nation’.

A statement issued by the publicity secretary of Federation of Haomee, Leishemba Mangang stated that P.S Haokip divided Manipur as central Zalen Gam and north Zalen Gam in his books, the first volume of which was first published in 1998.

The federation pointed out that in page 131 of the book the territory of Manipur is extended only in the valley areas and that the hill areas falls under Kukiland/Zalen Gam. The book also claimed that a king of Manipur ‘Naothinkhong’ in 760 AD married the daughters of four chiefs, it stated.

It added that chapter 10 of the book also claimed that Zalen Gam already existed even before the era of Pakhangba and that Pakhangba became the king of Manipur with the support of Kuki achouba and Kuki Ahongba.

Page 132 in the book also claimed that the king Taothinmang ( 264-361 AD), son of Khuyoi Tompok who inherited Pakhangba was a Kuki and that the aged old relation of Kuki and Meetei diminish/vanished with the advent of social caste system under Hindu religion, it said.

Further the Federation continued that page 134 of the book also claimed that son of Gambhir Singh, Chandrakriti Maharaj became the king after the Kukis rescued him from king of Sukte Chin, who held him (Chandrakirti) captive. Moreover, the book also mentioned that Chadrakriti Maharaj declared Zalen Gam as Kuki nation among others.


First published:13 Nov 2020, 6:15 pm


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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