Is India on COVID-19 recovery path?

Latest data indicates a 91.96 recovery rate of COVID-19 in India.

ByIFP Bureau

Updated on 3 Nov 2020, 7:52 am

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Although the total number of confirmed cases all across India is rising, the country seems to be heading for COVID-19 recovery as data indicates a 91.96 recovery rate countrywide.

In a span of 24 hours as per the latest updates, 58,323 persons were discharged and the number of recovered cases crossed 76 lakhs early Tuesday.

The cumulative number of recovered cases is 76,03,121.

The COVId-19 death toll still remains below the 500 mark for the second day as 490 persons succumb to death on Monday. The total number of deaths has reached 1,23,097.

On Monday, 38,310 new cases were reported to be COVID-19 positive and the total number of COVID-19 confirmed cases in the country has reached 82,67,623. The cumulative number of active cases is 5,41,405.

The number of samples tested on Monday is 10,46,247, so far 11,17,89,350 total number of samples have been tested. The country ranks third in the total number of tests done so far. China with 160,000,000 tests and USA with 149,694,768 test ranks first and second respectively.

First published:3 Nov 2020, 7:52 am


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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