STC-BSF names golf course after late Alex Lalminlun

BSF and BWWA officials assured help to the martyred BSF personnel family.

ByChurachandpur Correspondent

Updated on 27 Oct 2020, 3:18 am

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Inspector general of Subsidiary Training Centre (STC), BSF, DK Tripathi and assistant commandant, T Douminlian along with their wives from BSF Wives Welfare Association (BWWA) on Monday visited the widow of inspector, Alex Lalminlun and presented a gift to the family.

While visiting the wife of (Late) Alex Lalminlun, Ruthy Kholngaihkim and her young son at their residence located at Zenhang Lamka, Churachandpur, the team of official from BSF and BWWA assured that BSF will always remember the martyred BSF personnel and ready to help in case of any need.

The visit to (Late) Alex Lalminlun’s family was made to show BSF’s concern for their heroes on the occasion of police commemoration day which is held every year all over India.

Late inspector Alex T Lalminlun was killed on April 1, 2019 in Rajouri, Jammu while fighting against Pakistan. In his remembrance, STC, BSF has announced to dedicate a golf course after his name which is yet to be finished.

First published:27 Oct 2020, 3:18 am


Churachandpur Correspondent

Churachandpur Correspondent

Churachandpur district, Manipur

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