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How many markets more?

IFP Bureau28 Jul 2022

IFP Editorial: The Manipur MAHUD directorate is still to come up with a definite plan of giving protection to the street vendors where they could be provided space without hindering public movement or traffic and most importantly harassment.

(Photo: IFP)

The concept of street vendors

IFP Bureau20 Apr 2022

The state and its agencies simply refused to understand that, it was because of the very harassment by police and municipal authorities that the Union government came up with the idea of having a law to give the street vendors protection.


Street vendors continue to sell at Ima Market

IFP Bureau20 Apr 2022

The members of ‘Roadside Vendors Welfare Association, Street vendors of Ima Market’ were unable to meet the caretaker of IMC and in response, the street vendors forcibly continued to sell at the surrounding areas of Khwairamband Ima market.

Khwairamband market market (PHOTO: IFP)

Who is looking after social security

IFP Bureau7 Jan 2021

IFP Editorial: While the government is dithering on the decision whether to open the women markets of Imphal or not, it is happening on the peripheral streets with hundreds of daily wagers on the rails of the bridge over Nambul River.

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