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Makhuam landslide was manmade disaster: PFA Manipur

IFP Bureau22 Jul 2022

PFA, Manipur stated that the signing of an MoU with North Frontier Railways indicates that the Marangching incident was not a natural disaster. Although the damage is already done, redoing the assessment will be helpful in preventing future disasters, it added.

(Photo: IFP)

Why Manipur needs better EIA

RK Nimai13 Jul 2022

No politicians or bureaucrats will have the guts or even the desire to advise surgeons on the methods to be used in a surgery! That should be in the case of civil constructions, and a minister just because he was a former contractor does not mean he knows all the technical requirements.


Manipur Landslide: No blame game

Guihiamliu Riamei1 Jul 2022

Every year during monsoon season, we have had landslides in the highways and roads in the interior parts of the state. However, casualty figures were minimal. So, we must say, the scale of disaster in the Tupul incident is unprecedented while also heralding many more devastating incidents in the coming future.

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