Athuan Abonmai Murder: JAC serves 48-hour ultimatum to Manipur government

The convener of the JAC said the meeting resolved to call a statewide 24 hours total shutdown from midnight of Wednesday till Thursday midnight if the state government fails to fulfill the charter of demands.

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Updated 25 Sept 2021, 5:44 pm


Joint Action Committee (JAC) Against the Brutal Murder of Athuan Abonmai has served a 48-hour ultimatum, with effect from Saturday to the state government to translate the charter of demands submitted on Thursday into action.


This was declared by the convener of the JAC Majabung Gangmei while briefing the media after the JAC held a meeting with various civil organisations of the Zeliangrong community at the premises of Grace Academy School, Tarung, Imphal West on Saturday

Before the meeting held on Saturday, a charter of demands was included in a memorandum submitted earlier to the state government on September 23 by the JAC. It demanded an order for a high-level National Investigating Agency (NIA) inquiry into the abduction, torture and subsequent murder of Athuan Abonmai under IPC 302, 364.

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It had demanded immediate suspension of the deputy commissioner Tamenglong and superintendent of police Tamenglong since the abduction happened in broad daylight in front of the security personnel deployed at the government function.

The demands included withholding the funeral of Athuan Abonmai until the culprits are arrested and justice provided to the victim and his family and the values he stood for. It had demanded to provide appropriate compensation to the kin of Athuan Abonmai.


The memorandum also stated that the JAC in collaboration with like minded civil organisations will demonstrate different forms of protests until the charter of demands had been fulfilled by September 24 midnight and justice delivered.

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It had stated that during the democratic forms of protest initiated by the JAC, the state and the Central government will be held accountable for any untoward incidents.

Majabung said that the meeting today has resolved to go ahead with the imposition of a 48-hour blockade on national highways 29 and 37 that will remain in effect from midnight of Monday till midnight of Wednesday in tandem until the expiration of the 48-hour ultimatum.  

The convener of the JAC said the meeting also resolved to call a statewide 24 hours total shutdown from midnight of Wednesday till Thursday midnight if the state government fails to fulfill the charter of demands submitted by the JAC within the 48-hour road blockade on national highways.

The meeting also resolved to launch democratic forms of agitations in the form of sit in protest and rally during the 48-hour ultimatum served to the state government, he added.

A release issued by the JAC also stated that the meeting also resolved to demand replacement of the chairman of inquiry committee IG (intelligence) K Radhashyam Singh while alleging that his negligence, inefficiency and ineffectiveness had created security lapses which has led to the abduction and subsequently killing of Athuan Abonmai.


Therefore, such a doubtful character official heading the Inquiry Committee may not bring the desired results, the release stated.

It further stated that all the assurances made by the chief minister during the press conference held on Friday must be translated into concrete action.

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On September 24, the chief minister of Manipur N Biren Singh while briefing to the media at the secretariat had asserted that the interrogation of the suspended police personnel will be taken up separately by a strong probe committee headed by IG (intelligence) K Radheshyam.

Necessary legal action will be taken against those police personnel if they are found having any collusion with the people involved in the abduction and killing of Abonmai, he added.

Biren had also said that combined operations had been launched to hunt down the perpetrators in Tamenglong district and it will continue until the culprits are arrested.

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First published:25 Sept 2021, 5:15 pm


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IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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