Two arrested, 40 boxes of Win cigarette seized
The arrest took place at Saram Patong along Kasom Yairipok road in Thoubal district late Saturday.

ByThoubal Correspondent

Updated on 22 Aug 2021, 12:54 pm

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A team of Thoubal commando on Saturday arrested two brothers and seized 40 boxes of Win cigarettes which were found in the vehicles they were driving.

Police said the Thoubal commando team conducted frisking and random checking duty at Saram Patong along Kasom Yairipok road in Thoubal district around 10.40 pm.

The arrest took place when two white Gypsy vehicles with no registration number were coming from Kasom side towards Yairipok bazar in a suspicious manner, and the vehicles were stopped for checking, the police said.

On checking, the vehicles were found carrying illegal Win cigarettes of 20 carton boxes in each, the police said.

The drivers of the said vehicles were identified as one Md Aziz, 22, and his younger brother, Md. Sajit,19, son of one Md Rashid Ali of Yairipok Heitroipokpi.

The detained persons along with the seized items have been handed over to Nongpok Sekmai Police Station for taking further necessary action, the police added.

First published:22 Aug 2021, 12:54 pm


Thoubal Correspondent

Thoubal Correspondent

THOUBAL district, Manipur

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