‘Tamenglong has 62,205 eligible persons but only 14,310 are vaccinated’

Cash prizes were awarded to villages which have maximum number of vaccinated people and to frontline workers advocating Covid vaccination.

ByTamenglong Correspondent

Updated 25 Jul 2021, 4:00 am

Tamenglong district Deputy Commissioner Armstrong Pame hands cas award to frontline worker
Tamenglong district Deputy Commissioner Armstrong Pame hands cas award to frontline worker


Tamenglong district has 62,205 eligible persons for Covid vaccination, but only 14,310 have been vaccinated so far, Tamenglong district magistrate Armstrong Pame on Saturday said. He said daily COVID-19 cases have decreased in Delhi and other states, but it is surging in Tamenglong district every day. This is due to hesitancy in vaccination.

Armstrong Pame, who also is chairman, district task force on COVID-19, was speaking at a cash award distribution ceremony. Cash prizes were awarded to villages which have maximum number of vaccinated people, and to frontline workers who have been motivating many people to get vaccinated. He requested all the winners to continue their contributions in motivating more eligible people.

The event was held at the chief medical office complex Tamenglong. It was attended by chief medical officer Tamenglong, Dr G Majachunglu, and district surveillance officer Dr Rachunlung Savior Kamei, ASHA workers and nurses.

Azuram village, under Tousem Sub division of Tamenglong district bagged the first place in vaccinating maximum number of villagers. Azuram village has 153 eligible persons for vaccination, of which as many as 149 persons have been vaccinated with 97.38 per cent till July 15.


The remaining two persons had not been vaccinated due to medical conditions while another two persons were not vaccinated for being too old and bed ridden. Azuram village was awarded Rs 50,000 in cash during the vaccination.

Two Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA) who had given maximum efforts in motivating people to come forward for vaccination namely Nambuanliu Moita and Daina received a sum of Rs 10,000 each. They had mobilised over 300 people for vaccination.

Pame, in the presence of chief medical officer Tamenglong Dr G Majachunglu and the district surveillance office Tamenglong, handed over the awards to the deserving people.

After the distribution of prizes, Pame also briefed mediapersons about the progress taking place in the health sector. He said five bedded intensive care units (ICUs) have been installed in the district hospital Duigailong Tamenglong and another 10 bedded section is planned to be added at present intensive care unit (ICU). He informed that Tousem and Oinamlong Primary Health Centre (PHC) have already installed solar systems and they will not require electricity.

Many people from Tamenglong are suffering from kidney related problems and they have to stay in rents in Imphal for treatment, he said. Tamenglong district now has a dialysis unit at district hospital Duigailong Tamenglong. It will start functioning by August, he added.

He also informed that an ABG machine was also installed. The district has sufficient oxygen in the district hospital. With all these facilities, Tamenglong will have a well-equipped hospital, he added.


After the chief minister visited in April, required doctors have been posted and the required vehicles have also been given, Pame added.

Meanwhile, Tamenglong on Saturday confirmed 18 new COVID-19 positive cases.

With the detection of 18 more COVID-19 positive cases, the number of positive cases in the district has surged to 232 total cases. One positive patient succumbed to COVID-19 on Saturday. He was 97.

Six COVID-19 positive patients continue to battle for life at the Covid isolation ward at the district hospital.

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Tamenglong Correspondent

Tamenglong Correspondent

TAMENGLONG district, Manipur


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