Reluctance in testing, vaccination creates major hindrance in controlling COVID-19 pandemic: CM Biren

The Manipur chief minister said that the government will continue house-to-house vaccination along with mobile vaccination at the spots of testing centres.

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Updated 12 Jul 2021, 6:57 pm

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Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh said the state government is taking up various strategies to fight COVID-19 but due to reluctance of people to get tested and inoculated, there is a major hindrance in controlling the pandemic. The state government is in a confused stage on how to change the mindset of the public, the chief minister said.

To bring down the mortality rate and reduce COVID-19 cases, the state government has started house-to-house COVID-19 testing in various parts of the state as announced two days ago, CM Biren said during a premier show of shumang leela ‘Keidaubagi Kidoino’ at Iboyaima Shumang Leela Shanglen on Sunday.

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Considering that shumang leela could be one of the effective mediums to create massive awareness, the state government has taken up the initiative to produce a play based on COVID-19 in the form of its traditional medium of courtyard play, he added.


Appealing to the people to get the benefits of the play by following the information being spread through it, Biren said that the main objective of the play is to disseminate massive awareness on the strong need of COVID-19 testing and vaccination without any hesitation.

He further said that the government will continue house-to-house vaccination along with mobile vaccination at the spots of testing centres. Besides this, assistants or caretakers will be prohibited from entering the COVID Care Centres as per protocol.

Presenting the challenges faced by the government to tackle the pandemic, the chief miniser said that COVID-19 is not an easy thing due to absence of adequate infrastructure in the state. However, the government is initiating all possible means to meet the requirements from time to time.

Information and Public Relation Minister Thongam Biswajit said that people must stop following the false news of the vaccine which is viral in social media. The vaccine is manufactured after much research, as such people should rather think that vaccination is the only way to escape from coronavirus.


He added that the pandemic has impacted every section of society and affected the economy of the state. The role of the masses is highly needed to restore normal life, and for this early vaccination and maintaining strict COVID-19 SOPs are the only solutions.



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IFP Bureau

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