Kangpokpi becomes first district to open market with shopkeepers holding Covid-free certificates
Autorickshaw drivers plying without possessing Covid free certificates were detained by the volunteers and police personnel.

ByKaybie Chongloi

Updated on 15 Jun 2021, 6:45 am

(Photo: IFP)

(Photo: IFP)

Kangpokpi has set another example in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic during the second wave by opening markets after more than a month-long complete lockdown with Covid free certificates on Monday.

The seven Covid task force of Kangpokpi assembly constituency constituted by MLA Nemcha Kipgen had decided to allow opening of grocery shops in their respective areas only after the shopkeepers acquired Covid free certificates.

Kangpokpi had during the first wave introduced a common screening centre for all returnees of the district and roster duty of magistrates, doctors, etc. in the fight against the pandemic.

As grocery shops began to open this morning for a brief period of three hours from 7 am to 10 am, the Covid task force Kangpokpi in collaboration with personnel of Kangpokpi police station systematically monitored the opening of the grocery market.

They first checked all the grocery shop owners whether they have the certificates or not and allowed only those possessing the certificate to open their shops and restricted those who do not possess the certificates. Those who did not possess the certificates were told to get tested and obtain the certificates if they wanted to open their shops.

The Covid task force Kangpokpi volunteers led by its chairman Haolet Khongsai and personnel of Kangpokpi Police station led by its officer-in-charge, inspector Henminthang Kipgen also monitored the movement of shoppers and shopkeepers ensuring that they strictly followed Covid appropriate behaviour.

They also distributed masks to shoppers without masks while cautioning them that they would be detained and handed over to the police next time.

Meanwhile, as the Covid task force Kangpokpi had issued prior information, Autorickshaw drivers plying without possessing Covid free certificates were detained by the volunteers and police personnel.

Around 30 Autorickshaws were detained but those on emergency transporting ill patients were immediately released with a strict warning. The rest were detained for more than an hour and released only after giving strict warning.

The Autorickshaw drivers were also warned that if they happened to ply without the certificate and were caught again, Challan will be registered and necessary action will be initiated. They were also told not to ply with overloaded passengers.

Covid task force Kangpokpi chairman Haolet Khongsai appealed to all Autorickshaws from other districts to come to the district with Covid free certificates from a competent authority.  Irrespective of where they belong, any Autorickshaw drivers without possessing the certificate will be caught and Challan will be registered by the police from Wednesday onwards, he said.

He urged the general public to travel or hire only those Autorickshaw drivers having Covid free certificate; otherwise, they will also be in trouble when such Autorickshaws are caught and detained, he said.

Meanwhile, shopkeepers who were not willing to get tested and obtain the negative certificates earlier are now queuing up at district hospital Kangpokpi or approaching the Covid task force Kangpokpi for testing.

More than 40 shopkeepers were seen queuing up at district hospital Kangpokpi on Tuesday morning, and all were found negative after being tested by the Covid Testing team of district hospital Kangpokpi.

Haolet further said that they will also begin checking all the vegetable vendors at Nute Kailhang and door-to-door vegetable sellers whether they possess the certificates. Those found without the certificate will be restricted from selling, he said.  

The district magistrate will be approached to reconsider the timing of opening the market from 12 noon till 3 pm instead of 7 am to 10 am as it is inconvenient for people coming from far flung areas like Twilang area under T waichong Sub Division, etc., he added. 

First published:15 Jun 2021, 6:45 am


Kaybie Chongloi

Kaybie Chongloi

IFP Correspondent, KANGPOKPI

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