Rainforest Club Tamenglong urges authorities to roll back transfer order of Dr Chambo Gonmei

The removal of a CMO during the pandemic and transferring him to another district to a post of Senior Specialist is not only careless but also unfair in a professional sense, the Rainforest Club Tamenglong stated.

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Updated 9 May 2021, 5:03 pm

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The Rainforest Club Tamenglong on Sunday urged the authority concerned to roll back the transfer and posting order which was served against chief medical officer of Tamenglong Dr Chambo Gonmei, vide Order No. MED. 402/3/2020-HS-Health, dated May 2.

Pointing out that Dr Chambo Gonmei has been playing a crucial role in combating the COVID-19 pandemic in the district, a release issued by director of the Rainforest Club Tamenglong Mordecai Panmei said appealed the concerned authority to revoke the transfer order.

Also, the appointment of CMO in-charge in a hasty manner will also leave an imbalance in the healthcare system of the district, it stated.

“This is unnecessary stress for the already fragile healthcare system when we are facing a pandemic along with limited healthcare staff. We kindly request the concerned authority to roll back the transfer order,” it added.  


The district needs the guidance of Dr Chambo Gonmei even more so now because of his present role as the Honorary Wildlife Warden for Tamenglong, the release stated.

"During a pandemic, appointing another Honorary Wildlife Warden will be the last thing in the authorities’ mind but for our work and our community, Dr Chambo Gonmei is indispensable," it stated. Also, during the pandemic, the removal of a CMO and transferring him to another district to a post of Senior Specialist is not only careless but also unfair in a professional sense, it stated. It will not be incorrect to say that this transfer order is in bad taste, it added.   

It pointed out that he has been the Honorary Wildlife Warden for a long time and led many conservation projects in the districts along with awareness programmes.

During the current Covid-19 second wave, having his guidance is even more important for conservation work because unlike everything else, conservation does not have a specific time frame, it added.  

“We believe that his sudden absence from the aforementioned post will create an imbalance in our current projects, and this could be detrimental to any progress we have made so far as a community,” the release stated.  


The release mentioned that as a responsible and conscious nature conservationist, he founded the Rainforest Club Tamenglong, a local non-governmental organisation for the conservation of wildlife and the indigenous communities. Because of his concern and hard work towards nature conservation, he was appointed as the Honorary Wildlife Warden, and under his able guidance and leadership, the district’s youth and general population re-learned the importance of species conservation, it stated.

The sudden transfer notice leaves the future and current works towards conservation at risk, it stated, adding that in a such short notice, it would be difficult to find an able and equally, if not more, resourceful Honorary Wildlife Warden for the district.

This leaves the current work of the Rainforest Club Tamenglong at great risk of losing momentum and able and knowledgeable support, the release added.  


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