Khamor Angkhui cultural festival concludes
A heart rending melodious folk song item was presented by the visiting Jessami village council elders.

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Updated on 16 Apr 2021, 6:41 pm

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Celebrated under the theme ‘Cherishing Our Cultural Heritage’ the five-day long Chingjaroi CV Khamor Angkhui festival which began on Monday in Ukhrul district concluded on Friday. 

Chairman of Jessami Village Council (VDC) Anizote Mekrisuh who was accompanied by his council members attended the event as valedictory chief guest. 

Indigenous exclusive bread exhibitions first prize was bagged by AS Hekreiwon Yarnao while second and third prizes were won by R Asanu and K Ningtimla yarnao. 

“No leaders of either village, referring to Chingjaroi and Jessami, officially teach the young generations about relationship but naturally every generation feels as if we are from the same village. This uniquely common heritage shared by the two villages is our culture,” Nizohte said while speaking at post festive flag de-hoist programme at Chingjaroi CV mission ground. 

Any community endowed with rich culture and tradition is recognised, respected and valued by other people irrespective of the size of population, he said. “Cherishing and preserving our cultural heritage promote our integrity, closeness and connection. But as for Jessami villagers, we are losing many of our rich culture and therefore, a way out must be initiated to revive our culture as your villagers have done today,” he added.  

Saying that the village is formed with the collective individuals, he urged to imbibe qualitative personality and spirit because people with these assets never gives problems to society, but obeys the rules and contribute their might for the just peace and development of the people. He added that it has become all the more important to balance with the fast advancing world and be a model for other villages to emulate. 

Adding to the beauty of the celebration and much to the applause of the villagers, a heart rending melodious folk song item was presented by the visiting Jessami village council elders. While from the host village side, the art of cotton spinning and making practiced by the village womenfolk alongside humming of songs connected with their livelihoods were displayed to the visiting team. 

The rest of the Tangkhul villages see Chingjaroi and Jessami village as one, Anizote said and added that the deep sense of brotherhood shared by Chingjaroi and Jessami village is well-known by the Raphei areas. “Ours is a heart-to-heart relationship and must be strengthened further,” he added.

Recalling the role performed by Chingjaroi, he said that many teachers including late former minister A Shimray ex-minister, S Kapo, Aimon, Tuizar, Shinaohao, Yaosang, Pfuno, Stephen etc. from the village had imparted education to the people. In the religious sphere, Sk Avam and Sk Jones had served as the pastors, he added.  

In the field of politics as well, late Somi A Shimray and Aza A Shimray were elected as MLAs from Chingai assembly constituency and served as ministers. They had extended their help even more than your villages.

He continued that prior to visiting Ukhrul via Jessami road on foot, villagers of Jessami were warmly received at the village gate by the Chingjaroi villagers as if their close families were coming back from far places.

As part of the last day cultural entertainment, BYS and Thotreichan & Co presented a splendid cultural show and dance. On behalf of the festive organising committee, chairman Boldwin extended special thanks to the festive chief guests, special guests, guests of honour, Tangkhul Film Association, special donors, Church, local bodies and villagers for making the programme a grand success

First published:16 Apr 2021, 6:41 pm


Ukhrul Correspondent

Ukhrul Correspondent

UKHRUL district, Manipur

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