‘Sanaton’s death a great loss to RIMS

RIMS appeals to those "who love and care" for late Sanaton Athokpam to fully cooperate with the investigation.

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Updated on 3 Apr 2021, 6:27 pm

(File PHOTO)

(File PHOTO)

The Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) on Saturday stated that students, faculty and RIMS Authority are like a family and the death of Sanaton is a great loss to RIMS Family.

RIMS once again share profound grief and sorrow at the unfortunate death of Sanaton Athokpam, a student of 5th semester MBBS at RIMS, stated a release issued by its media advisor.

It stated that after hearing the news of the unfortunate incident on March 15, the family members were informed of the incident on that day itself. On March 16, RIMS faculty, staff and students held a condolence meeting and after the meeting, a team of RIMS led by Ak Brogen, professor and dean visited the family at around 4 pm and conveyed the condolence message and stayed there for nearly an hour, it stated, adding he also assured all co-operation required from RIMS side.

The release stated that some of the family members including the sister of the deceased and well wishers met RIMS director at the institute on March 16. At the meeting, RIMS director expressed his grief and sorrow on the untimely demise of a student of the institute and assured the family members and well-wishers to extend full co-operation in finding the truth behind the sudden death of the student, it stated. The medical superintendent of RIMS met the members of the Joint Action Committee on March 27 and again assured full cooperation, it added.  

It further stated that the unfortunate incident is now under police investigation and Manipur government has also announced a magisterial enquiry as well. RIMS authorities shall extend full co-operation in the police investigation and magisterial enquiry to find out the truth of the unfortunate incident, it stated.

RIMS, therefore, appeal to those who love and care for late Sanaton Athokpam to fully cooperate with the investigation and enquiry so that the truth is found at the earliest in the interest of all, it added.

First published:3 Apr 2021, 6:27 pm


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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