PREPAK (Pro) claims responsibility for Assam Rifles transit camp blast
The bomb attack was meant as a gift for the recent ‘Homecoming Ceremony Drama,’ a release signed by assistant publicity secretary Th Eshingchaoba stated.

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Updated on 11 Mar 2021, 6:43 pm

(PHOTO: Twitter)

(PHOTO: Twitter)

The proscribed People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (Progressive), PREPAK (Pro) on Thursday claimed responsibility for the bomb that exploded on Wednesday evening at the gate of Assam Rifles Transit Camp near Minuthong in Imphal.  

The bomb attack was meant as a gift for the recent ‘Homecoming Ceremony Drama,’ a release signed by assistant publicity secretary Th Eshingchaoba stated. The organisation is aware that the assault will not give a strong impact to the ‘Indian Occupational Force (IOF)’ but it was carried out to prove that they can be attacked, it stated. The attack showed that the recent drama of Homecoming will not yield any advantage, it added.  

The release stated that USA, which is a superpower country, led the Second World War in defeating the Axis power. During the Cold War, USA-Block was able to bring down the mighty Soviet Union, it stated. However, it was given a crushing defeat not only by a tiny country such as Vietnam but by Afghanistan as well, due to which the USA is now facing a dilemma in finding out a means to retreat without losing face, it added.    

It stated that Indian Army which has strength in its numbers was able to create Bangladesh in 1971 by splitting Pakistan into half. But it still has not been able to resolve the self determination of Kashmir and the Northeast, it added. It is a truism that powerful countries are victorious in large battlefields but face defeat at smaller, political battlefields, it stated adding the state leaders will not be able to resolve the issues in the state by listening to the instruction of Modi-Shah who are devout followers of Chanakya.

By organising a “Homecoming Ceremony,” the state is turning away from the issues of drug menace which has given an overall impact in the entire state, it stated. Instead of investigating the rise of drug labs in the state and giving out appropriate punishments as per law, they are throwing huge sums of money in the name of abolishing insurgency which is a futile act. No one would object if the security forces which have become notorious in murdering innocent civilians, start killing drug peddlers and manufactures, it stated. Instead, seizing a few drugs and taking photos to cause some news is rather an act of encouraging the drug peddlers, it added. 

The release also stated that if all the resources of security forces are focused against drugs and criminals, all these issues can be resolved within a month. There are no reasons for the civil bodies and the general population not to extend their support in such endeavors, it stated. The state is not fully committed to the ‘War on Drugs’ because there is connection with Drug Money and election, it added.

Insurgents are not against development, it stated, adding that the lack of development is caused due dependency on colonial rule. It is caused by corruption and lack of unity. Instead of finding out the root cause behind the self determination movement, attempting to fix a defunct vehicle by adding a few screws will not work, it added.


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IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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