When will research programmes in Dhanamanjuri University begin?
Even after the lapse of about three years of the setting up of the Dhanamanjuri University in Imphal, Manipur, nothing has been done by the authorities for the progress of academic programmes.

ByDebendra Sanasam

Updated on 10 Feb 2021, 9:42 am

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The Dhanamanjuri University in Imphal, Manipur is now a state University with the passing of Dhanamanjuri University Act, 2017 and publication of gazette notification on April 4, 2018. The first batch of MA, MSc and M Com has completed courses and result declared for the final year or fourth semester students. But when will research programmes and activities in Dhanamanjuri University begin?

It may be noted that the university was established under the National Scheme of Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA) as fulfilment of one of its primary components i.e. to convert colleges to cluster universities in the state. Accordingly, five government colleges of the state – DM College of Science, DM College of Arts, DM College of Commerce, GP Women’s College and LMS Law College were brought under the name and style of Dhanamanjuri University, Imphal.

Even after the lapse of about three years, a precious period for a nascent university like Dhanamanjuri University, nothing has been done by the authorities of the state for the progress of academic programmes, particularly in research activities, which are considered the most important programme of a higher educational institute.

It appears from the working styles of the administrative officers, mostly of the higher-ups, that they are not fully aware of the value of research programmes on account of their being non-academic background or by their heavy engagements in other official works of the government and other activities.

One pertinent question that is on the minds of several students, teachers and parents of the students is that where these master degree holders would go now as their results are already declared? Will they have to remain at home without doing anything or will they have to go to other non-academic works for their future careers?

The situation so created by the University authorities will have a far-reaching effect on the student community in particular and society at large.

Therefore, considering the prime need of introducing research programme in a university, concerned authorities of the University, Vice Chancellor and Registrar should contemplate state to start PhD programme or research activities in this nascent stage of the University with the help of several eligible PhD degree holders who are already engaged in post graduate programme of teaching and learning processes before new regular incumbents are recruited.

Delaying in the research activities so long since the inception of the University about three years ago and even first batch of PG students are rolled out, tantamount to inefficient handling of University administration and lack of vision for the development of academic life in the University in particular and the state at large.

(The views expressed are the writer's own)

Debendra Sanasam

Debendra Sanasam

Freelancer, Imphal, Manipur

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