‘80 per cent of over four lakh vehicles ply in Imphal streets’
Rs 525.16 crore grants were passed for a total of six demands raised in the House during the state budget session on Tuesday.

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Updated on 10 Feb 2021, 8:56 am

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Minister in-charge of Transport, Vungzagin Valte said that as many as 4,53,732 vehicles are currently registered at the department as on February 3 and 80 per cent are plying in valley, mainly in Imphal city.

The minister was responding to queries raised by opposition MLA Surjakumar Okram, who moved a cut motion on the demand for Transports amounting to Rs 3,23,339,000.

Vungzagin Valte said Imphal city has only 34 sq km which remained as one of the major reasons of traffic congestion.

Citing the total number of registration, Valte said as per the per capita density vehicular population, the state is in the list of states having the highest number of vehicle with one vehicle for every six persons. The state has just over 28 lakh population.

The minister called on the members of the House for a collective effort to curb the “alarming” menace of traffic congestion.

Highlighting on the measure taken to curb the menace, Valte said a sub-committee has been formed to look into the feasibility of the proposed regulation. The committee would comprise of Director Transport, SP Traffic, and Municipal Commissioner. On the basis of the committee’s report the department will workout on the registration process, he added.

Moreover, the department is also trying to rope in private agencies to provide proper parking space to the public at an affordable rate, Vungzagin Valte added.

Supporting the statement of the Transport minister, leader of the House, N Biren said that authority concerned has been working under state transport policy, and the state traffic police have already started various drives for road safety and use of helmets has been made mandatory.

Drawing attention from the state Transport minister, Surjakumar said there are various policies implemented in the state and the Manipur Transport Policy was also implemented in 2013 to monitor any activities or issues related with transport. Though the transport policy has already been implemented, it has not yet been materialised and it seems like the transport policy has been kept in cold storage, he added.

He said any individual can easily get a driving license in Manipur which led to issuance of many fake driving licenses and other identification cards. He asked the Transport minister in the House on how the transport policy is regulating.

Moreover, there is regular congestion in parking space in the city area due to improper parking and road mishaps are occurring frequently, Surjakumar said.

Seeking the attention of the House, he further said that during the lockdown period, there has already been a price hike in the fare of passenger vehicles due to an increase in the rate of petroleum products. “Is the concerned minister taking any possible step to solve the issue of price hike of passenger fare that has immensely affected the daily wages earners?” Surjakumar questioned.

State Transport minister, Vungzagin Valte informed the House that the state transport policy is still functioning.

After a deliberate discussion, the House passed demands for grants amounting to a total of Rs. 5,251,660,000 (Five hundred twenty five crores, sixteen lakhs, sixty thousand) Only. The Demand for Grants are Rs, 176,59,57,000 for State Legislature; Rs, 12,46,46,000 for Council of Ministers; Rs, 186,71, 96,000 for Secretariat; Rs, 32,33,39,000 for Transport; Rs, 38,40, 99,000 for Cooperation and Rs, 78,64, 23,000 for Relief and Disaster Management.


First published:9 Feb 2021, 5:18 pm


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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