Arms, ammunition seized during search operation at Chavangphai village in Moreh
The search operation was carried out in connection with the killing of DC Thangminlen Guite in Moreh.

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Updated on 26 Jan 2021, 9:21 am

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Arms and ammunition were found and seized from a suspected militant hideout during a search operation by the Moreh police and commando in connection with the killing of DC Thangminlen Guite of Kuki National Army (KNA), police sources said.

According to the police, on Monday, one suspected house at Chavangphai village was cordoned and carried out search operation from 5:50 am to 6:45 am. The house was searched by the team along with the house owner, who was identified as Mangvung Thongminlun Haokip, 31 son of Mangvung Onkholet Haokip of Gamnom village, Moreh, at present staying at Chavangphai village Moreh Ward No. 7, and his helper Mangtinsat Lhungdhim, 23, son of Thangkhokhai Lhungdhim.

While searching the room of Mangtinsat Lhungdhim, one Pistol Mark as Walther Carl Walther EAFFENFARBIK ULM/DO Model PP Cal. 7.65 mm and one magazine along with 6 live rounds, one pistol marked as PB 3032 Tomcat-32 Auto Mande in USA ,Beretta, one Short Gun Mark as 12 bore pimp action gun and one 22 Sporting Rifle Gun, five 7.65 mm live rounds, one live round of AK Rifle, 35 numbers of 70 mm live rounds and 20 empty cases of 7.6 mm rounds were found, the sources added.

Mangvung Thongminlun Haokip and Mangtinsat Lhungdhim were arrested, and a case has been registered at Moreh Police Station and further investigation is on.

First published:26 Jan 2021, 6:26 am


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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