Manipur: Road mishap claims two lives, SP traffic urges drivers to follow traffic rules

The road mishap occurred at about 11.30 am on the western side of Kwakeithel junction along Tiddim road.

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Updated on 14 Jan 2021, 6:48 pm

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Two young women died in a road mishap at Kwakeithel junction, Imphal West on Thursday, attracting public anger and allegations that that accident occurred out of negligence by traffic police and dysfunctional traffic lights.    

Superintendent of police, (traffic), KS Sarma while speaking to the Imphal Free Press, lamented the loss of two lives and appealed to the people to carry out collective efforts to prevent such tragic incidents in the future.

The road mishap occurred at about 11.30 am on the western side of Kwakeithel junction along Tiddim road. The deceased have been identified as one Yurembam Silvia Devi, 22, daughter of Y Brajamani Singh of Singjamei Chongtham Leikai and Thoudam Chinglembi Devi, 18, daughter of Th Nilachandra Singh of Kakwa Lamdaibung, both from Imphal West district.

The bodies have been taken to RIMS morgue in presence of the family members.

As per sources, one Tata water truck bearing registration number MN 02B 8495 and a Honda Dio scooter were coming along Tiddim road from Sangaiprou. As per CCTV footage, the incident occurred when the scooter attempted to take over the truck from its left side and tried to cut a path in front of the truck. Silvia died on the spot and Chinglembi succumbed to her injuries on the way to RIMS hospital.

The driver of the truck has been identified as one Konthoujam Boyai Singh, 23, son of late K Sajou of Kakching Khunou, Kakching district and the name of the owner of the truck is Gouri Singh from New Checkon, Imphal East.

Boyai was detained by local club members and handed over to Lamphel police. A case has been registered at Lamphel police station for further necessary steps.

As per eyewitness accounts, the incident occurred due to negligence of traffic police personnel in addition to improper functioning of traffic lights. It said that the traffic light does not work properly most of the time but no initiatives have been taken yet, as per eye witness. When the incident occurred, there were no traffic police on duty at the traffic point. Instead of controlling the traffic, the traffic police personnel are giving priority on collecting challans, it added.

A shopkeeper who runs a shop at the Kwakeithel junction told the Imphal Free Press that the traffic police personnel have been doing their duties since early morning but they were simply not at the traffic point when the mishap took place.

Speaking to the IFP over the phone, superintendent of police (traffic), KS Sarma said that an explanation was sought from the traffic police personnel deputed at Kwakeithel junction. She said, traffic police personnel explained to her that he had been discharging his duty since morning and left the spot merely for about 5 minutes at a washroom located nearby.

She said that traffic awareness was also conducted near the site where the incident occurred and the personnel took challans from traffic violators. They are necessary to make the public understand and follow the traffic rules and regulations in order to avoid unwanted traffic incidents, she added.

She expressed her condolences on the loss of two lives and asserted that the people need to follow strict traffic rules in order to prevent such incidents in the future.

Responding to the IFP, she said that there was no power supply at the time of the incident. As the traffic light system is new to the people of Manipur, traffic police personnel are necessary in addition to the traffic lights, she said. The drivers need to cooperate with the traffic police as well, she added.

She further said complaints for improper functioning of traffic lights in most of the areas have been forwarded to the authority concerned but they are yet to be repaired.

Recalling the road mishap at Sora where wife of former MLA Hemanta died, she said that the incident occurred due to the stray animals on the highway.

She also said the job of traffic police personnel is one of the riskiest jobs. Recently, some of the traffic police personnel on different occasions were left injured as traffic violators tried to flee when they were asked to stop for verification, she said. The traffic police are also trying their best to prevent accidents and mishaps, and the people are urged to follow traffic rules, she asserted. 

First published:14 Jan 2021, 6:42 pm


IFP Bureau

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