1,420 acres of poppy plantation in Manipur destroyed since 2020: Police

About 70 acres of illegal poppy plants grown at the Maharani hill range were destroyed on Friday.

ByIFP Bureau

Updated on 8 Jan 2021, 5:50 pm

File Photo: IFP

File Photo: IFP

A total of 1,420 acres of illegal poppy plantations has been destroyed for the crop year 2020-2021, police said.

On Friday, a combined team of Narcotics and Affairs of Border (NAB), Imphal East along with Saikul police, district administrative staffs, home guards, Imphal East district police and one column of 15 Assam Rifles and department of Horticulture and Forest destroyed about 70 acres of illegal poppy plants.

The illegal poppy plants were found growing at the Maharani hill range, which is under the jurisdiction of Sagolmang Police Station.

SP of NAB, Watham Basu led the combined team consisting of additional SP of NAB; DSP of CDO, Imphal East; assistant commandant of 5th IRB; OC of Sagolmang Police Station; and OC of NAB.

An FIR has been registered at NAB Police Station for further necessary steps.


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First published:8 Jan 2021, 5:50 pm


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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