State-level seminar on NEP-2020 held in Thoubal
Around 100 teachers from different colleges of the state, including teachers from YK college Wangjing, participated at the seminar.

ByThoubal Correspondent

Updated on 26 Dec 2020, 9:05 am



A one-day state-level seminar on "Teachers: Catalysts in Implementation of National Education Policy -2020" was held at YK College, Wangjing on Saturday. 

In the inaugural session of the seminar which was organised by YK College Wangjing, S Giri, Principal of the college attended as Chief Guest while S Birahari, Chairman, organising committee of the seminar as president, respectively.  

In his speech as chief guest, Principal S Giri highlighted about the seminar. He said that NEP-2020 was a policy document every educator should digest it since teachers are to guide the students along the given curricular pathways for the achievement of larger national objectives. 

"Teachers are to share their experiences as a strategy to take the challenges ahead. With this aim, the seminar is being organised with limited available resources," the Principal informed.

S Birahari, in his presidential speech, emphasized on the role of teachers in taking part in the process of education as catalysts. He said that teachers were to work as catalysts under the pressure of moral and professional ethics instead of evading their duty.

"If we evade our duty, we can be punished under FR or SR provisions" he mentioned. 

Birahari continued that teachers as catalysts in this social process have to motivate other factors available in both formal and informal systems, also added that  any available moment of opportunity was to be utilized for the motivation of parents and family members to let them take part vigorously in education of their sons and daughters as well as their brothers and sisters. 

He opined that if every teacher of the state took that catalytic role all the time, a great change would naturally come in the field of education of the state. 

Unfortunately, he lamented, highly educated people, including teachers took a narrow social corridor in social life because of prevailing social environment limiting social intercourse and this was harmful for our society, that was to be dispelled with concerted efforts by our social agencies, he elaborated. 

He further informed that the onus on the teachers for enhancing quality of education was greater than it was before as per recommendations of NEP-2020.

"Teachers are to transmit the knowledge enshrined in the well designed curricular framework already framed or to be framed by the experts so as to achieve objectives enshrined in the NEP-2020", he added.

It may be mentioned  that in the technical session of the Seminar, N Rajivkumar, Principal, IRE college of Teachers Education Wangjing attended as moderator. 

Three Associate professors from DM college of Teachers Education namely Kh Dinesh,W Jyotimor and H.Debala and  another associate professor from the department of Adult Continuing Education and Extension( ACCE) of Manipur University RK Suresh presented  papers on different topics of NEP-2020.

Around 100 teachers from different colleges of the state, including teachers from YK college Wangjing, participated at the seminar. 

First published:26 Dec 2020, 9:05 am


Thoubal Correspondent

Thoubal Correspondent

THOUBAL district, Manipur

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