Heirok: 'Fake beneficiary' withdraws PMAY-G first installment
Youth Development Organisation, Heirok secretary Laishram Kanta urged the authorities concerned to rectify the error by December 22.

ByThoubal Correspondent

Updated on 17 Dec 2020, 2:12 pm



The Youth Development Organisation, Heirok has charged that a fake beneficiary from Heirok Part-II GP had allegedly withdrawn cash amount of Rs 48,000 of PMAY- G 2019-20 first installment. 

Secretary of YDO Heirok Laishram Kanta told media persons on Thursday that the club won't remain a silent spectator in the matter. 

Kanta said that Khundongbam Bimol, son of Kamdar, a resident of Heirok Part-II Ward Number 13 was a genuine PMAY-G beneficiary approved by the Gram Sabha of Heirok Part-II. His priority list serial number was 58 and registration number was MN1004086, he added. 

However, when enquired about the first installment, it was learned that the same amount had been allegedly withdrawn by one Khundrakpam Bimol, son of late Ibohal, a resident of Heirok Part-II Debi Mandop, Ward Number 4.

The fake beneficiary was found to be a legal husband of the acting Ward Member of Ward Number 4, Khundrakpam ongbi Paneshwori. Such unscrupulous act cannot be tolerated at any cost and will surely damage the most beneficial scheme of the Prime Minister of India. This is a sign of human rights violation, Kanta said. 

Urging the authorities concerned to rectify the error by December 22, Kanta said that the club will take the help of Chief Minister N Biren Singh if the authorities concerned do not rectify the error at the earliest. The victim Khundongbam Bimol also requested the authorities concerned to rectify the error and to extend help in getting his right.

First published:17 Dec 2020, 2:09 pm


Thoubal Correspondent

Thoubal Correspondent

THOUBAL district, Manipur

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