Manipur government signs MoU with ICSIR on knowledge partnership

MP Ranjan said that the main reason for signing the MoU is to explore the natural resources mainly medicinal plants and herbs in the State.

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Updated 16 Dec 2020, 4:05 am

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The Manipur government has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on knowledge partnership with Indian Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (ICSIR) at chief minister’s office, Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha (inner Manipur) RK Ranjan said on Tuesday.

Speaking to the media at his residence at Kongba, Imphal, Ranjan said that the main reason for signing the MoU is to explore the natural resources mainly medicinal plants and herbs in the State and to formulate drugs which would be beneficial to the people. He said that the medicinal plants in the State are typical and of high value.

“Ethno medicine groups under Feeds at Hengbung, Senapati district and Lucknow based ethno medicine groups have identified plants with potential to formulate three different types of drugs,” he stated. 


The MP further said that once the drugs are formulated, they can rejuvenate lungs and liver and even control diabetes and cancer. Apart from that, scientific research and lab testing for Arthritis medicine developed from a plant in Manipur has been completed and only drug formulation is incomplete, he added. 

Ranjan said that he had raised the issue regarding non-completion of National Sports University several times in the parliament. He assured that he will approach the Sports Ministry to set up a committee consisting of MP concerned of the State for detailed monitoring of the university and for early completion.

The MP further said that he has also raised the issue regarding non-completion of railway project several times in the parliament and added that many central projects undertaken in the State are never completed on time.   

The railway project was first set for completion by 2019 but it could not be completed till date, said Ranjan stating “it is doubtful whether the project can be completed by 2030 with the ongoing progress.”

Besides, completion of Barak River Bridge and Makru River Bridge as assured by the Centre has been derailed for 16 months, he added.


Though the Prime Minister has a vision to construct all weather roads in every habited villages by 2022, there are still many villages in the State that need road connectivity and it has slowed down development in the far flung areas, the MP said.

He also remarked it unfortunate that there are many recognised villages in hill districts with very little households. Reformation of hill administration has been discussed with the chief minister and a village should not be given recognition unless there are at least 200 to 300 households, he added.  

Regarding 14 small tribes settling in Manipur, Ranjan also said that he has discussed with the chief minister to form a Small Tribes Development Council to represent and raise issues of the tribes in the State. 

The MP also said that he will soon consult concerned ministers of Assam for inclusion of Manipuri language which is included under Eighth Schedule as associate official language of Assam.


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IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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