Podi Parbi Festival: Arunachal Pradesh CM Pema Khandu wishes people happiness, prosperity and bumper harvest
Arunachal Pradesh celebrates Podi Barbi Festival of the Adi community of Shi-Yomi district.

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Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu extended greetings to the people as the state celebrates the Podi Barbi Festival of the Adi community of Shi-Yomi district.

“A warm wishes and greetings to Adi community of Shi-Yomi district on the happy occasion of #PodiBarbi festival. I pray Goddess Miti-Mata to bless the mankind with happiness, prosperity and bumper harvest,” the chief minister tweeted.

Along with the tweet, he shared a ‘Happy Podi Parbi’ post which reads: “Awesome and unique as we are, let this Podi Parbi connect us to our roots… stronger!”

Podi Parbi, the popular festival of Libo, Ramo and Bokar of Adi community, was celebrated with traditional gaiety and religious fervour at the state capital Itanagar, Gumin Kiin Aalo and other places in the state on Saturday.

Attending the festival at Aola as the chief guest, former minister Jarkar Gamlinn said, “Religion and culture are different entities and essence of all festivals are alike to give us all a distinct identity. Festival is always a rare occasion to rejoice and expose our rich practices, attires, beliefs and all communities should take part in each other's festivity”.

Inaugurating the Lik Putu RCC Podi Barbi Community Hall, Gamlin said that this was the 25th Dere he sanctioned during his tenure as minister from SADA and Tourism Department for Podi Barbi Celebration Committee of Aalo.

The guest of honour Karsen Lollen, former Anchal Samiti Chairperson dwelt on Topo-Karbo history and lauded the effort of PBFCC to preserve the rich legacy of culture and exhorted the young generation to propagate with sense of determination and pride. PBCC president Tajen Podo, Patron Komi Rida and Oman Jempen dwelt at length of mythological aspects and significance of the festival in detail.

The Shi-Yomi Artists’ Forum and cultural troupes from different colonies presented songs, dances and folklores on different themes on the occasion.

First published:5 Dec 2020, 8:22 am


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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