Family members, local club urge CM Biren to help trace missing woman Tolika
Sagolsem Tolika had gone missing in New Delhi on November 24.

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Updated on 4 Dec 2020, 5:28 pm

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Family members of Tolika, a woman who went missing in Delhi and members of Yakairol Leishem Youth Club have urged the chief minister and other higher authorities to help in finding the missing woman at the earliest.

Addressing the press meet held at Manipur Press Club, general secretary of Yakairol Leishem Youth Club, Konjengbam Lamphel said that an incident of missing woman has been informed to the club just a few days ago while Sagolsem Tolika was gone missing in New Delhi on November 24. It is learned that the persons who took Tolika in New Delhi had filed a general diary (GD) at South East Delhi Police Station on November 24, he added.

He also said that the missing person is an old woman of about 60 years of age and she can speak neither Hindi nor English. The people of Tolika’s locality in Imphal are in apprehension of human trafficking or organ trafficking and representing the locals, he has urged the authorities concerned to look into the matter seriously, Lamphel added.

During the press meet, daughter of the missing woman, Irom Ahanbi said that her mother has been gone missing on November 24 but they were informed on November 25 by Kh Bipinchandra and RK Kherodasana.

Responding to questions by media persons, Irom Ahanbi said that her family is quite close with the family of RK Kherodasana. Very often, her family takes support and help from Kherodasana’s family and also they strongly trust them and so Tolika was allowed to go with Kherodasana, she added. She continued that Kherodasana has also promised to keep her mother inside the house only as a babysitter but later she came to know that her mother usually goes out to pick up Kherodasana’s son from the tuition centre.

“I used to contact my mother through Kherodasana’s mobile phone and about 10 days before the missing report, it seemed like my mother was feeling sad. Suddenly on November 25, our family was informed about the missing incident,” Ahanbi said.

Before going to Delhi, her mother also stayed at Kherodasana’s home for seven days for health check-up and to make her comfortable with Kherodasana, she added.

It is said that Tolika moved to New Delhi on November 6 along with RK Kherodasana to be a babysitter for their son, with the consent of Tolika’s family. Tolika went missing on November 24 at around 3:30 pm. She was at Room No. 430, Sunlight Colony, Ashram near Mother Dairy, New Delhi.

Following the incident, IFP reporter spoke to MSAD president, Chingkhei Saikhom and he said that after getting the information of missing, MSAD sent a complaint report to Delhi Commission for Women. Chingkhei also talked with the IO of the missing case, and was informed that police were searching for Tolika in every nook and corner of the Ashram area.

While speaking with a member of Manipur State Women Commission, Somerendra, he said that chairperson of the commission, Mainam Binota has referred a missing case to the head of Northeast Helping Hand, Robin Hibu to take necessary action and find the missing woman.

It may be mentioned that Women committee of United NGO's Mission Manipur (UNMM) had expressed deep concerned over the missing of Tolika that it could be a case of human trafficking or organ trafficking.

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First published:4 Dec 2020, 5:28 pm


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